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Harrow's Reliquary Skin is scary in Archwing


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When starting an Archwing mission, I decided to use Harrow for the sake of "I like his skin." Unfortunately though, the skin (in specific, the actual body. I tested around with it, with the Archwings I own. Any helmet should be fine) caused Harrow to do some...odd things. For the Amesha, his head  was completely turned to the left and looked down, making it seem as if his neck had been broken. For the Elytron, his head disappeared. I don't know if any other archwings do this seeing as I don't own them, but the two I own seem to have a reaction. The rest of the Archwings may need testing

How to recreate:
1. Equip a Harrow with the Reliquary skin's body. Any helmet is fine
2. Enter any Archwing mission

1. Amesha
2. Elytron


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