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Dojo syndicate rooms and possible event?


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Dojos have always been on the low side,at least when it came to the clan activity. Players would go there for trading (Lich trading which was included recently or normal trading) or Dry dock to get into their Railjack / upgrade it. So this would be be my suggestion on how to actually breathe some life into Dojo (which is supposed to be like our main base of sorts)
1) Adding the Syndicate rooms inside them would be pretty nice,by that I don't mean one the ones like in Relays,moving those would actually kill the Relay ones. So something like a branch of sorts? Where players could pick up a daily (or weekly) missions/quest for specific reward related to that Syndicate ( tho it would be pretty amazing if they are not shared rewards between the Branch and Relay rooms). but something what would motivate people to actually bother doing those missions to earn the rewards,like a new weapon or cosmetics,or rare resources( Arcanes/Umbra formas/etc) or this would be something that ties into the second suggetion. An item(expensive one) that would allow us to convert one of the enemies and have them patrol/guard the Dojo
As for their cost it would be the usual forma + every day grind resources + something specific for each Syndicate. Like a new resource that would be added that we can buy only from the said Syndicate whos room we are gonna be building. 
2) Operation Dojo defense? (ok,that is probably a bad name). But we've got Railjack now,which technically can be used as a defense tool against Incoming invaders. So why don't we allow our Dojo to get invaded by Grineer/Corpus/Infested or even Sentient (as they are becoming quite a bigger deal with recent events). Something like a standard mission with a few stages could do the trick no? Like Profit taker multi stage mission.
First stage could be beat the invaders that are invading from space(railjack/archwing exterminate/skrimish)
Second stage can be dealing with the invaders that actually pass through our defenses and get inside the Dojo,like locking them inside the certain section of a Dojo without being noticed(spy mission or sorts or a mobile defense)
Third stage would be actually dealing with them, and re-taking the control of the Dojo completely while the last stage would be killing the commander itself.
He needs to be tough. Extremely hard boss fight, as he is literally the one who punches through our defense and breaks in our Dojo.but also rewarding cause of everything we are actually doing to kill him. A multi staged boss fight that would push the players to actually have a hard time against him,with elements of multiple missions involded.(Example)
1st stage of the boss fight - Base encounter - Drop him down to 65ish% hp
2st stage of the boss fight - He runs away locking himself behind multiple elite grineer units(Liches could be here? Everyone has one active,so they can be added as the bodyguards of sort?)

3st stage of the boss fight - After dealing with the liches and multiple hacks we are back to repeling grineer from the Dojo itself (classic exterminate)
4th stage of the boss fight - We are back on his command ship, Where we take the fight back to him and kill him? A timed exterminate part with hacks & killing along the way. (Turning off the ships engine,defenses,lasers etc) Till we get back to command room (unless we fail the timer and he runs away).

This would not be a new player frendly event. For it to actually be a challenge they would have to be level 120+(with the boss itself being 140-160). But the progress of the event would be clan-based(Like Razorback/Fomorian,but only for the Clan itself). So even the new players would get some minor benefits from it (apart from getting back the Dojo). Due to it's diffuculty (not being a simple stomp) the rewards would have to be better aswell. Like Vandal weapons/Legendary cores/Boosters/Ephemeras etc. Ephemeras would be the Lich ones,but they could drop as a blueprint instead so the entire squad could get them?(thus everyone gets rewarded for taking on 4 120+ level Liches)

Just a few suggestions(of course this would have to be altered a lot,due to the Dojo itself,possible glitches of weapons not being usable,decorations breaking the AI etc..). Hopefully this is the right place for them.. Have a great day and happy Holidays ^_^ 

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