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[Railjack] DE Please . .


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Let us lock players from refining materials. This S#&$ is helluva annoying and easily abusable to zero a crews resources.

Also, Let captain lock the wheel if need be. I'm making mine right now but i've seen several lobbies where everyone molests that console making it impossible to aim slingshot or frontal artillery. 

The amount of freeloading and ship theft is honestly appalling and is why it's so hard to find a crew as an engineer :(


Captain of the ship SHOULD be captain of the ship and SHOULD be optional to allow free use of those two features.41e.png

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its more like player's issue than feature's issue
sometimes the captain doesn't want to be the enginner, sometimes the enginner wants to change its role in-mission, sometimes the enginner is busy dealing with enemies on board since it can't repair while being shotted...


come on, its not like if the captain loses the mission he will need to waste hours repairing it, since everybody in the ship loses if the captain loses
and one of the ways to lose is simply that: captain locking enginner's feature and not doing its job properly

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You get extra resources from refinement, though. But you still gotta keep in mind the team's needs, so in short:

  1. Replenish the payload to available maxiumum.
  2. If the forge's contents are loaded at 90-100% capacity, refine it.
  3. ???
  4. Literally profit.

Resource drops from enemies and environmental deposites fill it up pretty quick (assuming anyone in the crew bothers to collect those).


46 minutes ago, (PS4)Demon_King_Teemo said:

Let captain lock the wheel if need be

Sounds good, but it's also easily abusable by "other" kind of people. Trolls and griefers. One will simply host the mission and will drive straight into dangers (like the ray of death) or just AFK. And since the destruction of the Railjack ship is the condition to fail the mission and the fact that only the host can use navigation... you can see where it's going.

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If you are making the argument to allow the captain to override controls on the navigation and pilot seat that is reasonable. For the resources the opposite can be said that you are trolling everyone by not allowing the resources to be refined.  In that scenario you are costing your crew 2.5x or more of the benefits of making a run depending on the persons engineering ability if you let the forge get to 100% capacity without refining. I agree with Zeyez point on this as well that if the Captain locks it out it would be easy to fail a mission that way as well if only the captain is able to do it and they are tied up for whatever reason.

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