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Battle and Tactical Avionics


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So... as I'm finally getting the DIRAC (and the good drops - Zetki of Bulkhead, Hullweave, Polar Coil, AND Hyperstrike!) to really flesh out my avionics, I'm realizing the same thing others already have: avionics capacity is just too limited to really leave room for the Battle and Tactical Avionics - in other words, the Railjack abilities.

Which... is genuinely frustrating. I can either have a ship with weaker stats to allow abilities, or have a veritable tank that pewpews with powerful turrets.

Mind you, I'm using the Sigma series Reactor MK3 from research. So I have the +50 capacity from my reactor. I hear that, if you get really lucky, as in "You just won the billion dollar lottery" lucky, with RNG... you can get a Vidar Reactor MK3 with a roll of +100. Hence, of course, the exceptional amount of rage about RNG stats on the forums. And the posts complaining that Zetki and Lavan reactors aren't worth our time.
I'm personally of the mind that these reactors shouldn't have RNG stats. I can respect weapons, and even defensive/mobility systems (shields, engines) having RNG stats, but the reactor is essential to how you load out your avionics. I think all three reactors should offer the same level of avionics, but have other trade-offs to incentivize us.

But this belies the underlying problem.

Why do we have to trade off abilities with stats in Railjack?

I thought we realized how flawed that was when we put Warframe abilities built-in to the frames themselves? Didn't we long ago realize that using mod capacity to decide our abilities was a bad idea? So... why is this bad idea revived with Railjack? (And why is this bad idea still prevalent on companions?)

Hell, if you had put in different Railjack models, each with their own ability kit... that would have been very interesting! Imagine if killing Crewships rewarded you with a random Caballero part, out of the 6 parts needed to build your own Sigma-series Caballero? Maybe successfully taking down missile platforms could reward you with Sungem parts.
Instead they're just skins. And, sure, you could argue "revenue stream!" but... people spend plat on actual warframes and weapons all the time. If anything, additional Railjack models would've meant unique skins for each model, like we have with frames, and leaves room for TennoGen as well as Deluxe skins, so it actually expands revenue streams more.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm glad we only have one ship, but can load it out with different abilities. This means I can customize my ability kit to my liking.
But... why is it a trade-off via our ship's version of mod capacity? Couldn't we have a separate "Battle" capacity? If we at least chose Vidar/Lavan/Zetki based on whether we wanted more Battle or Tactical capacity, that would be better than what we have now - but still not ideal. Maybe Battle/Tactical capacity vs Flux regen (still terrible).
A more fun way to trade off with Avionics would be having to choose between Maxima (Shields) or Conic Nozzle (Speed). Or the Winged avionics supporting Archwings vs something like Last Stand (no shields = more turret damage). Not Void Hole or... raw stats.

Hell, just let us slot out our Battle and Tactical avionics without any kind of capacity at all. Flatline all reactors of the same rank to give the same amount of Avionics capacity, but let Vidar/Lavan/Zetki decide total Flux energy vs Flux regeneration.

I'll probably end up sacrificing Conic Nozzle for Void Hole + Munitions Vortex, if that doesn't end up nerfed somehow.

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