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Disruption mission exit locked after host migration


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I did some disruption rounds to get relics on Mars and was matched with a few low-MR players. They extracted early, including the host, prompting a host migration. The HM was without issue in itself and 2 of us continued on. When we wanted to leave one door leading to the exit was locked (orange) with no way to get past. It was in a medium sized room with one of the old "Reroute Navigation (Datamass required)" consoles I think I remember from the olden days. There was no datamass, obviously, so the console was of no use.

I am 95% certain (I'm reserving some error 😉)  the door was glitched by the HM as I was defending the MR4 host as he wanted to extract, because he wasn't able to hold himself against the respawning waves. As soon as HM was through I wasn't put into the room adjacent to the extraction zone, where I was keeping off the respawn. Rather it set me *ontop* of a hallway of a tileset I wasn't in before without a way to get back into the level. I jumped off into the abyss and was reset after some 4000 meters falling to another room close to the conduits. I continued as described above until we wanted to extract, then the door was locked. Eventually the mission timed out and failed.

EE.log is being sent in a separate ticket.


Good luck fixing.

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