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Bunch of Railjack bugs


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Latest for me.


Was running multiple missions with the same crew/ship. Every time i used the slingshot it would just leave me hanging in the barrel after i fired.

Was stuck there until the pilot rammed the ship i was aiming at. 


Nobody but the ship hose being able to leave the ship on return to drydock. Have to use fast travel.


Had a whole grineer raiding party spawn into my railjack AFTER i got into the dry dock from a mission. 


Only host Being able to use the nav console at end of mission. Really kills the game if the host bugs out somehow. 

Had the host of one game frozen in the pilot seat.


Intrinsics at end of mission being reported differently than what i got.


No intrinsics being rewarded until after I've left the group.


Getting stuck in doors between ship sections 


Weird visual glitch covering most of the screen when entering a side gun.

Usually fixed by leaving the gun, and re entering. 


Not enough crew ships to finish a mission.


After dying in archwing mode. Re spawn and running through space. No archwing. 


Probably plenty more i haven't encountered. 

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