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Helmet Woes...


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I've been playing around with a Heavy Impact Excal build quite a bit as of late, and this morning I decided to finally pull the trigger on a Pengradon helmet (which I keep missing the alerts for) in order to offset a few quirks with the mod.  


Truth be told, I'm more than a little disappointed with how this helmet looks on the Primed Excal frame.  It just seems... out of place.  This is mostly because the color shades don't match in the least.  Based on screenshots, it seems this is also the case with the non-Primed body, though to a smaller degree.  This reminded me of, back when Helmets 2.0 were initially released, I insta-grabbed the Nyx Mentacide for the stats, spent over an hour trying to find a color combination that looked even half decent, then proceeded to never actually use the thing out of frustration. :(


...and that got me thinking.  I can fully understand the reasoning why DE wouldn't want to just rip the stats off of all existing helmets; a lot of people paid realmoneydollars purely for the stats.  I can also understand them not wanting to continue releasing stat-augmented helmets.  Does that really mean that nothing should be done about the current pool of helmets, though?


What if, in order to appease (I'd imagine) the whole of the current playerbase, DE would simply issue a +stats and -stats version of each helmet to each player that owns them?  That way, players who are focused on a stat increase wouldn't be forced into wearing helmets they don't like the appearance of... and players who are more focused on appearance wouldn't have to suffer detrimental stats on order to achieve their ideal look?  I could even see removing the +stats version from the market and alerts, provided an adequate heads up was given to allow players one last chance to buy up what they are missing.


Now, I know absolutely nothing of coding, implementation, and all that goes with it... but it seems to me that this would be doable without much fuss.  It's practically a copy/paste job, a few 1's becomes 0's, then run one of those fancy scripts as seen with the recent plat handout to do issue the new helmets.

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