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"Vehicle Loadout save per Frame Loadout" Option


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Current the go to AW Loadout is Amesha...so that doesnt matter that much...just set Amesha up at the Vehicle Loadout and done.

But i guess there are ppl around that use different AWs for different Missions (sub/RJ/Vallis/Plains/AW) .... (or different color styles... cause we still dont have the "copy wf colors to everything else")

At the moment if i want to switch from RJ to Plains...i switch from Amesha to Itzal...but i cant change that at the Navigation screen, i have to go back to the Arsenal to select another AW Loadout.

For both missions i have a common used go to Frame setup already saved...so why not connect a Vehicle Loadout to it? That would allow to switch my Frame Loadout at the Navigation screen including the Vehicle Loadout connected to it. Or split the Navigation "change loadout" screen into Frame and Vehicle so it is possible switch both fast.

I dont want to think about which Vehicle Loadout i have choosen if i use a Frame Loadout to jump into a mission, cause thats what Loadoutslots are for.

Or did i run into a bug? If i switch my Vehicle Loadout it is switched across everyting and i only could switch it at the Arsenal.

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