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Operator: Warframe duplication bug, possible exploit


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Based on my previous bug reports not really being considered I doubt this will be either, but I'll do my duty of reporting it regardless.

Here's the description of what is required to reproduce the event:

 -Be in a railjack mission, in operator mode, on the railjack.

 -Regardless of mission completion status, navigate to dry dock.


 -Once at the dry dock, operator will be replaced with the warframe, but the previous transfered-out, immobilized warframe is still where you left it.

 -In effect, this creates another copy of both your warframe and any pets you have.

 -Normally, the warframe would be immobile and invulnerable, and will not affect anything.



 -Replicated pets are all mobile and all follow the player. While not tested yet, this could also mean multiple chances at buffs produced by pets such as kavats, or near-invulnerability with the vasca kavat being replicated any number of times.

 -As implied above, repeating the process creates additional copies of both the frame and the pet.

 -Similarly, while not tested yet, it's possible that duplicated warframes' auras still function while "inoperable", allowing especially hard-working people to stack them, as the warframe can be changed in dry dock before launching again and will not cause the previous warframes to change or disappear.

 -As transfered-out warframes are normally immobile with one exception, I went ahead and tested a theory: yes, you can duplicate excalibur umbra, and each duplicate is an individual able to act on its own. While it will probably not repair the ship or use guns, they could be exploited as invader repellents, though in my test all of the umbras randomly became damaged and resumed a transfered-out state of standing still invulnerable when invaders came. The army of kavats however, still made quick work of the invaders. While it's a neat concept to have an army of pets, I don't think you want to give us that power.

 -Fortunately sentient excalibur umbras do not engage archwings when you do

 -Pets will however all spawn with you on grineer crewships. It's possible that umbras would too, though in my test they just stopped working all of a sudden.

 -While not tested, it's possible that using this technique with sufficient numbers of warframes and sufficiently resistant sentinels with powerful weapons would act as tower defense for any invaders.

 -Also not tested, but it's possible this could be replicated by non-hosts.


While all of this provides an insight into how it'll look when Command is released, I doubt any of it was intentional, and I doubt any of this will be read by a dev but it's only a matter of time before someone else discovers it and brings it to a dev's attention in person or something. \_o.o_/


Here's screenshots:




And finally, a screenshot of what I managed to gather up in a few repeats of the bug:



I wish it were somehow possible to bring different frames as co-ops though, it seems a neat concept to be able to have a customized crew of color-customized frames.

Anyway, apart from that I thought I should also bring up that operators often gain blackface when used in railjack. I haven't taken any screenshots of it, but it happens, most commonly after using the pilot console with the operator.


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Update: Tested, excalibur clones can join you on crewships (tested while i was using valkyr and an excal from a previous launch).

Another update: Using this frame duplication bug will result in you being unable to enter facilities / sentient ship in railjack missions. When tested with multiple frames duplicated, it shows the wrong frame entering the sentient ship, and then puts you back in space - making it not viable for exploitation except for missions where there are no facilities to enter. However, in the same test one of the crewships became indestructible, the reactor was dropped to 0, but the ship wasn't exploding, repeated attempts did nothing, and touching the lower floor of the crewship cause the game to treat it as out of bounds, respawning you at railjack.

Another update on the side issue of blackface: screenshot:


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Bump. Independently found and verified this in my own session, since I run Excalibur Umbra regularly.

Some additional observations:

  • This works in multiplayer sessions. I didn't test to see if it works with both the host and clients, but it likely does.
  • Clones will appear in and can be taken to any facility inside of a clan dojo after teleporting to the Dry Dock. This can potentially muck with duels and cause denial of service situations.
  • Duplicate kavats appear to cause an interface bug, where a resource symbol is overlaid by the cat symbol (see second image). 
  • Each reproduction of the bug (by going into a Railjack mission, then returning to the Dry Dock) causes a single copy of the warframe and kavat, not a doubling effect of existing clones. Because of this, this bug appears to be in or around the cleanup routine for the specters immediately owned by the operator.

In summary: it makes sense why this is probably happening (ie, a missing cleanup routine for the operator's specters before switching them back into their warframe), but it looks like it could be pretty game-breaking.




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