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could we please do away with the stasus chamber, and let us switch pets just like we do for the sentinels, we would still only have 1 active pet at a time, because once we switch to a different pet the current one goes away, i usually just pick one pet for everything because of how annoying it is waiting for one pet to go to sleep then get another out, i understand why this was done, in order to keep your pets from dying, but they don't dye anymore, so that system seems outdated to me, also de likes balanced usage, and this would definitely even the playing field for pets, since im sure a good majority of players do exactly as i do and just runs with one pet for everything, i would love to run the helmith with nidus, and smeeta with nekros, the huras while doing spy missions, but the pet selection should be dependent on pre selected loadouts for easier mission setup, but currently if i was to run this way i would be switching pets upwards of 20 times a day, which would just take all the fun out of playing, so please de, see if this is reasonable or maybe another system that would make it better, if nothing else maybe let us pick a pet for each loadout, then upon selecting that loadout it will automatically put current pet in status and get the pre selected pet with the pre selected mod loadout so we can rock n roll with all of our favorite pets, not just one pet for everything, thank you de for all your hard work, looking forward to another great year of warframe, can't wait to see what's coming in 2020

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