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Railjack: Host Migration Causes Cascading Bugs

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Mission: Investigate Sentient Anomoly


Kill 90 ships 6 crew ships, shipkiller platform, and investigate Anomaly

What happened.

Host and I finished anomaly, and got shedu Handle. We went out to do other objectives and his game crashed causing host migration.  When migration occurred I was already on a crewship and had already destroyed reactor.  The following bugs occurred.

  1.  After migration it said I had already killed 30 or so ships but we had only killed 1 prior to the migration.
  2. The crew ship I had already just destroyed the reactor at the time of the migration was burning as if the reactor was going to blow, but was invincible, I could no longer damage the reactor again,  and enemy count on it was about 40 enemies (on the crew ship) rather than the normal 10 or the 2 or three that were actually alive at the time of the migration. It also had a permanent ally marker as if it was a railjack ship.  The main railjack was also marked but was parked by the sentient ship.  Below see blue ally marker that is invincible ship.  The crew ship to the right is the ship described in bullet 3.
  3. I gave up on destroying that one referenced above, and tried the next crew ship BUT an asteroid was inside (and only inside) the ship and blocking the door to the reactor so it too was invincible. See asteroid below in crew ship
  4. I gave on that crewship and went to shipkiller, but entire interior was clipping the floor and ceiling, so although I could squeeze through some of the wreckage, the door to the objective was fully blocked by a grineer ramp or ceiling structure so ship killer asteroid was invincible. See Ramp in the way
  5. The investigate anomaly objective that we had already completed was reset, however there was no point in doing again as I couldn't complete any of the other objectives and would have to abort anyway. (you can see in picture above where it still says Investigate Anomaly.

So we both lost the Shedu Handle, and 40 minutes of wasted time. See partial list of lost reward:




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added humorous pictures.
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