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All Railjack bugs I have had in the last 2 days


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1 Falling through the crewship floor back into space.

2 Falling through the Railjack floor back into space.

3 Missiles being launched at me, not hitting me at all. I go into a ship and I'm insta dead because I guess the #*!%ing missiles hit me while I'm in the ship?

4 Being randomly teleported back to the mission start point in space for no reason.

5 Being randomly teleported back to the Railjack for no reason.

6 Being stuck in a crewship floor. Unstuck does not work.

7 Being stuck in a crewship ceiling, again unstuck does nothing.

8 Being stuck in the Railjack ceiling and completely unable to move. You guessed it unstuck does nothing.

9 Dying while in archwing with grey health, grey health means you take no damage so how?!

10 Getting a black screen when entering anything in Railjack, this includes the Railjack itself, crewships... anything. Going into operator mode fixes this problem, your welcome.

11 Getting a black screen and falling noises. Congratz you are now falling through the void. Have fun with that.

12 Randomly getting the no mods bug. Meaning all your weapons have no mods on now and do pathetic damage. Operator amps still work cause no mods does nothing to them.

13 Railjack boss commanders dropping Thief's Wit, nothing, 66 credits then 42 credits. I hope this is a bug cause if not your drop tables are total garbage DE.

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