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To DE: Kuva Lich need refinement to be a continuous, acceptable system in the game


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(Reposting since I post it in wrong sub-forum)

To be honest, the whole concept of Kuva Lich is OKAY to me.

Althought the reward were not something game-changing,

serving as an individual player's personal enemy was a good idea, as long as it implemented well.

As a grinding game, the most important goal should be keeping player base ACTIVE,

to do so, some challenges could be set to prolong the play time, thus RNG, is often used as the tool to do so.

However, the developer must ensure the challenges have enough reward to counter the boredom, despair and discourage of continuing,

or to Reduce the RNG during the process, so that even the reward is not the best we can get, one would accept as less RNG, more guarantee.


But that is not the case of KUVA LICH at this moment.

We accepted the random number of the weapon elemental damage, as a bonus for those with more luck.

We accepted no body told us how to trigger the element we need, but discovering the truth of progenitor by ourselves.

But we WILL NOT accept getting the duplicates again and again,

and spending countless time, worthless effort just to get rid of the duplicates we don't need.

Then faced another duplicates after we get through all this.

(personally, 7 Seer in 33 Lich, total 7 weapon acquired,out of 13)(KILL ME):angel:

I am here to ask for a less RNG mechanism of the Kuva Lich, especially the weapon type RNG

And allowing us to feel we are having progress instead of endless cycle A>B>A>B

(Yes Railjack/Empyrean is here, but it doesn't mean the things before it should not be fixed, also Lich System is worth to stay in the game, with refinement)

Here are some direction I adviced.


Trading / Discarding of Kuva Lich without the need to convert, we can trade/discard it during anytime of the process.


---personally it does not fit the entire background of the Kuva Lich, but I think it is easiest to implement in one way.

In other way there will be more supply of Lich, allow the community to spend less investment to buy one, or to sell one.


When we approach to the Kuva Larvling, we should be able to identify what weapon they are carrying,

and this weapon should be exactly the same as the Kuva Lich own afterward.


---i.m.o. this would be the best we have, the RNG STAY at the "encounter of Larvling with certain weapon type",

therefore, if you are unlucky, you can restart the encounter of Larvling many times, 

still, less Discourage and less Cost than converting duplicated Lichsssss


Applying the progenitor warframe concept to the weapon type

We now got 13 weapon among different type, 

I suggest that certain type of weapon can act as the progenitor to the Lich's weapon,

For example, if I use a slash based weapon primary weapon, a assault rifle to kill it, 

then the Lich will have the best slash assault rifle in his hand, i.e. the Kuva Karak, same apply to other weapon


---This is not bad at all to cover the guarantee gain with mask, as a Fake-RNG, 

Discovering something new is kind of Reward to players too.

Also, as we know there are more grineer weapon, 

this system allowing  weapons to be introduced into the Lich system more systemically

If similar type of weapon are in the list, the RNG choose the one we get. 

(etc. Hind, a burst-grineer assault rifle might appeared and replace Karak in above case.)


The above three suggestions are the best direction I can think of,

What I can do was just present my idea from the perspective of a player.

Once again, the Lich system is a great idea, a good addition to the gameplay.

However, being cover by too much layers of RNG really discourage player, both veteran and the new player.

I witnessed the improvement of Warframe from the start of the close-beta,

(the old-network based melee modding is quite interesting i.m.o.)

but the Kuva Lich system now is something I cannot defense for the game.


[The suggestion above only talk about the weakness of Lich system brought by the RNG

As a part of the long-running game, we still didn't see the "connection" as mentioned by DE-Steve in TennoCon.]

Think about if all Lich are moved into Empyrean star chart...if this RNG continue in it...


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