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Sound dissapering and fps drops


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Hello! Starting around week or two ago, I continiously had  this bug happening. 

Sometimes, without a reason that I can see, my game sounds just dissappear and after that, I have fps drops or even freezes when running, turning my camera or etc, even when just sitting in my ship and doing nothing. Only thing that helps is reloading my whole pc, but I couldnt see if my memory or etc loaded too much,  everything is around normal parameters. 

I do not run browser or anything else(only steam) while playing the game. I have played for about 1.5-2 month before I met this bug,  everything was fine before this thing once happend. I didnt really much touched graphics or another settings, didn't update my windows recently, didn't move any files.

I still didn't try reinstalling the game for some reasons, but soon I will. I know that's the first thing I should do, but I had to ask you, people on this forum, if you have something simmiliar or even the same bug as I have.

To be sure, I will point that I have Windows 10 OS and more then 1 soind device cuz the PC owner writes music and often uses Line-6 device for this, so usually I run sound from this thingy, too.

I wanna also say sorry for my English-speaking-skill, but I hope this's readable for you.

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