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HALCYON | Beauty Frame concept (Artwork)


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“This is Halcyon. A vibrant defender of life & tranquility.” 

Passive - Halcyon’s 14 precious Gemstones in her Frame provide an armor bonus to her. They glow brighter every time her shields go down. And after the 3rd time, they detach from her form, hovering around her as a defense. Using her Toggle Button, they will launch & attach themselves onto enemies in her vicinity, enthralling them to attack each other. As her Gemstones decrease, so does her armor. The thrall effect is permanent until the thrall is killed, or her 1st ability is casted (recalling her gemstones). If she is downed, all her immediate gemstones return to her, slowing her respawn timer. The overall Gemstone effect is cumulative of how many she has on her (certain abilities can detach them, sacrificing the ammunition from her passive). Abilities that require her stones are marked with ( • ). 
 (FashionFrame Uses: She has the option of 4 simultaneous energy colors, to give more variety to her cosmetic appearance—this color will appear on her enthralled enemies. She also has various types of Gemstones, customizable for aesthetic value on the battlefield.
—Her quest will involve different routes for certain players, scavenging for different types of Gemstones all together, maybe through Excavation/ Spy missions. This way, with duplicate Halcyon’s not everyones Gemstones will be immediately the same, aesthetic-wise. All 14 will need to be built to complete her development.) 
Health: 100 / 300
Shield: 100 / 250
Power: 130 / 200
Armor: 350 (650 @ full Gemstone)
Sprint: 1.05 
Lightspan: Her energy-locs posses a selection of abilities she can cycle through. 
(Augment) Aurora: Halycon’s abilities all have a freezing aura, amplifying each variation. 
Mist — Halcyon expands her hair into a deep fog following her around the battlefield. Enemy accuracy is greatly reduced inside the Mist (35% - 50% - 70%). Her movement speed affects it efficiency. Not moving allows it to scale to maximum accuracy affect. (Duration is energy based.) (Augment: Freezes enemies over time, applies Ice bonus to melee weapons for her & allies.) 
Impale — Her locs sharply lunge into a small group of enemies, knocking down & dealing bleed out damage to the survivors. (Augment: Her locs launch icicle projectiles, survivors of the initial strike are lethally impaled to walls.) 
Protection She takes a defensive stance, the locs extend around her Reflecting projectile damage, and reducing physical damage of the enemies that come near her. (Reflection: 40% - 70% - 90%) (Augment: Reflected attacks have a small chance of freezing targets, nearby enemies are frozen over time.) 
( • ) Stagnate — Her locs dissipate, redirecting their energy into the Gemstones. Recasting at any time will detonate an energy pulse thrusting enemies away from her. (Augment: Pulse attack has 50% chance of freezing targets)  
( • ) Beauty Mark: Detaches a single Gemstone, tossing it like a sticky grenade on the battlefield/ or onto an enemy itself. With something to cling to, the gemstone will gradually siphon the life out of her target. When killed by the stone or prematurely, they explode in a gorgeous mesh of her energy colors, ragdolling nearby enemies. The explosion will grant the siphoned health back to her, via the gemstone. Allies gain a portion of the health boost if they are in proximity of the explosion. This ability can even be used on allies to boost their armor, slightly decreasing her own. 
(Augment) Statuettes: Other enemies caught in the blast are frozen in her energy for a few secs. Destroying them grants temporary armor boosts
Gateway: Cast once on the ground, leaves a glowing trail following behind her. The distance of the trail rapidly drains her energy. Recast to convert the trail into a tall energy gate. Every enemy that passes through the barrier, channels into a buff for her & allies in Gateway’s vicinity. Robotic enemies give a shield boost. Organic enemies give an armor boost. Corrupted enemies give a power damage boost. Each enemy that enters sacrifices more of Halcyon’s energy. Eximus Units that pass through it, get their aura abilities stolen by Halcyon.
(Ex: For Gateway’s duration, instead of toggling her passive, she toggles a Snow Dome from Arctic Units, a Fire Blast from Caustic Units, Energy Leeches will recharge her & her allies energy, and etc.) The Gateway itself has a chance of drawing aggression from nearby enemies. (100 base health—each stolen toggle ability is affected by strength mods) Only 1 Gateway can be active at a time. 
(Augment) Killer Gateway: Enemies caught in its creation succumb to heavy slash damage, instead of being knocked back by it
( • ) Labyrinth: Halycon expels all her Gemstones at once, clinging to every enemy in range, returning the rest if there are no targets left. Once primed, each enemy is plagued with slower movement speed by the more damage they take. Each enemy that dies, is consumed by the stone, morphing their corpses into tall, translucent walls of energy. (Max of 14, powered by Gemstone). Each wall connects within a few feet of each other forming a random & continuous labyrinth only her & allies can freely pass through. Enemies are forced to walk through the energy maze, impenetrable to their weapons. Though Halcyon’s armor is greatly reduced, she provides tactical protection for her & allies. The Labyrinth absorbs kinetic energy from her enemies, scaling into a meter in the corner, any damage Halcyon does to the Labyrinth detonates a minor AoE throttling enemies away. Activate Gateway during this ability—disabling the AoE—to give the Labyrinth the same effect, however, like Gateway, it will now allow enemies to pass through it. If Halcyon is downed while Labyrinth is active, her stones return to her, decreasing her respawn speed (without the stones to power it, her Labyrinth will decay as her time goes down)  
Powered by the stones, this ability has no duration. When ready, recast the Labyrinth to diminish the barriers & return the Gemstones to her. 
(Augment) The Sanctuary: When deactivating Labyrinth, hold the cast to convert its energy into a damaging vacuum around a stationary Halcyon. Enemies killed by it are morphed into a smaller, crystallized fortress around her. It’s smaller size means Sanctuary can only be utilized by crouching. Halcyon must reach 100% damage for Sanctuary to build. This secondary cast can be held for as long as her energy allows. Each enemy type killed from inside the Sanctuary charges a temporary bonus effect—Robotic enemies increase the critical chance on the Primary/ Secondary weapon used, Organics increase armor, Corrupted enemies increase overall movement speed including sprint, reload, & holster time. Only leaving the Sanctuary grants the bonus they’ve collected (Duration: 6 - 8 - 12s), if Halcyon leaves, she has the same time limit before Sanctuary dissipates without her powering it. Every enemy that Halcyon kills from inside it also adds a higher chance of energy pickups. Sanctuary’s duration is based on energy, and heals health damage over time. However, Halcyon suffers a very small amount of health damage in place of all the damage it takes. Protect the Sanctuary & it will protect you. 

“Beauty is pain, Tenno. Halcyon is a deceptive warrior of daunting grace & beautiful destruction.”
note: her abilities have changed a little, but her look is the same. 
All feedback welcomed.
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