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Crewships regularly not spawning


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This is happening to me roughly once every 5 or so missions. Enough creships simply won't spawn for about 40 minutes, and then suddenly they'll all spawn.

I'll be in a public match. We'll kill one or two crewships, then no more will spawn. We'll kill all the fighters, complete all the objectives, then fly around randomly because there's nothign else on the map. Eventually, all my squad gets frustrated and leaves. New members come in, get frustrated, leave. Through sheer unreasonable and stubborn determination, i stay with it. After about 30-40 minutes of flying around on an empty map, suddenly all of the remaining necessary crewships will spawn at once. 

A fix would be great, but in the meantime how about just removing the crewship kill requirement so the game isn't broken. 

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