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Foundry Progress in negatives, Time longer that it should be.


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So, Was crafting things on my Foundry when I the progress went negative. Times for everything increased, which is odd, then counted down normally and eventually completed (at longer than they should have been).



Notice how somethings that only take 1 minute are set for longer than that. This has happened before and usually only for small amount of time, but it shows something isn't quite right. Things seem to be linking to the wrong things when I take them off the Foundry other things increase in time. I believe it might be related to a similar bug in the Codex where the wrong item will unlock on scanning things for the Solaris fragments. Might even be related to why I can't see Ayatan Valana Sculpture in the codex even though the rest of the UI (when trying to scan) says I've done so.

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