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I just killed my first Lich


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He was a strange Grineer guy with a funny name that acted like a teenager that wants to play pranks on me. In the heat of battle I killed someone and than he appeared. He started to get on my nerves every time I logged in, so I decided to get rid of him.

The three strange relics I got for free should be useful and I heard that I can collect murmurs to find his weakness. So I entered his territory and started killing his minions. Actually I killed quite a lot in my first mission but the bar for the first relic was barely filled. But I knew what to do: I just needed to play more to get more murmurs. And then I needed to play more to get the all the right requiem relics. And then I needed to play more to open these relics. And than I needed more void traces because I did not get the right requiem mods or no mods at all. And because I ran out of relics to open I had to play more to get them. I played a lot the last couple of days.

He even killed me once, but finally I knew the right combination to kill my arch enemy and had all the mods installed. I played a couple of missions with some random players - then he appeared in some random corridor. It was an epic battle that took maybe five seconds. I don't know who dealed the final blow but at least his death was very nice animated, when I decided not to spare him. Or at least I think it was, because he turned invisible and I just saw my warframe acting. But I got my stolen stuff back! And a nice gun called Kuva Quartakk, what is actually a nice weapon.

All in all if I compare the effort it took to take down the lich and the amount of time I could have spent to get some prime weapons or warframes instead, I am just glad it is over.

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First of all, congrats on your first kill.

Second, it was awsome to read your epic tale. I'm a sucker of these kind of stories, make something casual sound way better then it is.

I think it depends a little on your experiance with the game and how far in you are. There are quite a lot of people who got rid of their first lich on the first day. I guess you don't have everything in the game yet so I can totaly see how it is a grind. For someone like me at the time, I could affordt focusing on my lich because I had nothing else to grind. I was done with my first lich in less then a week.
Here is the deal tho. Liches are designed to be a big part of your journey because it is your personal nemesis. We suppose to develop a deep relationship with the lich. I didn't get to develop this kind of memerable moments with my first lich because I defeated her so fast. I defeated my second lich in a day or two. I barely remember anything of my first lich beside the fact she dropped an awsome weapon which I should use more. You on the other hand did develop relationship with the lich. Without it, you couldn't tell this epic story. You will remember this lich and what it means for you.
I also want to tell stories about my adventures with my first lich.
Treasrue this experiance, many others like me don't have this kind of experiance.

You said your lich had a funny name. One of my was named "Bekk Fackemoff". Top that.
The sad part is that this is the only name I remember, this is because she dropped the archgun and I see this weapon every time I finish a mission...

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Thanks for sharing.

I killed my first (and probably be a while before i try a second one) Lich last night. Got him at launch. Yes took that long .My own fault for not checking correctly how to do it. Killed me 4 times before i started to use relics properly. Rank 5 lich . immune to corrosive. Ugh. Finally killed him with help of random group (hard finding a group on right type of node).Thanks for returning my 1900000 credits, 250k nano spores, countless relics ($$$#$@ took 4 out of 5 axi from one mission alone!!!!)and mods and void traces etc. Oh and dropping me a handy 53%elec chakkurr. Rip mr lich (i really hate how stained starchart looked at rank 5.Its sooo clean now!!!!)

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