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Basically persistent bugs in movement carrying over to railjack


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So first time i decided to see about chattering about these `issues`, but to keep it short and simple, sometimes the controls want to wonk out usually leading to my controls having my warframe suddeny decide to perpetually walk backwards or to the right when i `exit` the chat menu, where i sometimes have to do some control fa`nangling or reset my console to `kind` of fix the issue.

This issue also PERSISTED in archwing such as constantly be stuck going upwards, specifically in archwing mode on open world zones and seem to not `fix itself` till i reset the console.

Now this issue is ALSO wanting to show up where i could press the `go up` button or just simply ENTER the pilot seat of my railjack and decides till i press L1, my button for going `downwards`, it just wants to go up every time i press that `jump` or go upwards button.

Very sure its not my controller being trashy since i have 2 of them, swapped between them (heck i literally bought the second controller cause of this issue itself, which controllers are not cheap), Plus never really seem to encounter similar bugs in other games i have played.

I can only guess its some kind of weird binding fkery with the gameplay, but i find it weird that closing chat (which would be the same button i use for aiming in regular mode) can cause my character act like i have my finger stuck on the left stick or so.

Anyway probably not the right thread section to put it in, but just thought i`d have the better odds of shoving this in general chat and see if anyone can give a proper explanation on this happening, since its been a issue that has gone on for years, wants to also now be the third instance of occuring in railjack now and i do not think D.E. even recognizes minor bugs like these, especially when they can be frustrating or no proper explanation i can find on how a controller that is completely working fine, can still enact the same bugs on only a single specific game.

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