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Plains Idea/Suggestion


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We all know DE struggle with endgame like content, and at this point open worlds are kind of being a waste, I have a suggestion for Plains of eidolons at least, maybe after old war make a maggufing that implement a weather system into the open world, like full seasons that affect the map and change it as the seasons go by, have monster like fauna that its aggressive towards the player in a MH like fashion, the monster will migrate as the seasons go by, and have contracts for the tenno to hunt/capture them the monsters could be bosses since this can be high level could content the monsters can be in out of the map like locations and places that don't disturb the regularmission progress the rewards could be special drops that should include cosmetics like ephemera, armor sets and monster themed syandanas that cant be purchased they of course could ad other ones that can do be purchased in the marked only, can use the work of tennogen artist for the cosmetics, amd have some mosnters have unique drops and be events, like when in pokemon or PSOBB mosnters from other regions spawm as weather anomalies happens.

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57 minutes ago, prodi1600 said:

implement a weather system into the open world

I'd be all for that.

I suspect that would be expensive and time consuming.. so I wouldn't
hold my breath on that till 2021-22 if that lines up well with the story.
The idea of specific enemies in different conditions sounds good, too.
Like expanding on the night/day or pond/lake/coastal conditions already.

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