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Returned to see a mechanic removed


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Okay so after the Orb Mother boss launched, soon after I took a break for half a year or so.

Now I'm back and I tried to use the melee 3.0 system, I whipped out my Ack & Brunt to see that the parry system was removed.

And before I get a thousand replies "hold F" like the Region chat, I'm talking about the counterattack system.

Yeah the one where you channel before taking a hit to open up and enemy for a finisher.

I'd really want that back, thank you.

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Good news, it's still there.
Hold weapon swap to hard-equip your melee.

You no longer need to channel. Just block a melee hit, and hit X, which is now the button for finishers.
Tested this just now with Ack & Brunt. You're all good.

Can also be done if you have your melee out from a quick melee.

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