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Interception Points Being Captured Without Enemies


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2 man squad on Ceres Arbitration Interception made of Wisp and Oberon (in case any of this info proves relevant later).

Seemed to happen with or without arbitration drones in the proximity so I don't think it's them.

No enemies present on points at all sometimes when this seemed to happen, and definitely not on consoles.

Capture progress also seemed to be able to be reset back to -100% by enemies while the point was actively being captured by us as well. (This is the most baffling part to me tbh).

Upon seeing this the first time, we aborted and reset, upon reloading back into the mission it happened the second time consistently as well.

Dunno if there was something that triggered it in particular, but perhaps this is tied to the long-standing issues with point captures being interrupted by crowd control? (wisp shock reservoir?)

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