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I should never let my emotions answer against thread derails, i was wrong


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I've been avoiding this topic, but i feel like maybe i deserve it, also new forum users need to know this so...time to embarrass myself 😄

I HATE people who derail posts 

People that just come to your post to add unnecessary spam, sarcasm, mocking instead of providing a constructive straight opinion(either negative of positive, opposing or allied)

Or soft attacks that go nowhere 

That being said, i am faulty(and some others from what i've seen) for responding to them, instead of just ignore it completely i used...let's say "Defensive maneuvers"

Which leads to people not taking me seriously and thinking i'm trolling, myself

Which ends up that i derail my own posts or other's

We all came here because we're passionate about this game...even if we don't like some decisions the devs are making, even if there seem to be a lot of harsh negative criticism on here

We should not forget why we're providing feedback to make the game look better, so we play better and both parties grofit 😄

Ever since the old blood launched and there was nothing but negativity 

Yes there's lots of bugs in the game and missed opportunities, and promises that were never fulfilled 

But one thing i am always certain about; DE always fixes, even after 4 years of silent...

Let's send out some positive vibes, and say i'm sorry for all the tenno that i've come across as a troll or a derailer for my not so positive attitude 😄

I love all tennos here...and i hope we keep making this game something incredible 




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