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Host Migration cause void mission to bug out


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So this happened to me twice now. I was doing a void mission with three other players up to a point when player is given the option to extract. The host extract causing a host migration. Anyone who decides to stay in the mission with see the relic selection menu pop up like normal, but the menu don't show the other player(s) on the right (assuming that 2 or 3 players stayed) and the player (s) are stuck on that menu. Selecting a relic doesn't break you out because for some reason, the game knows that there's (an)other player(s), but it probably thinks that they are not ready. The countdown won't stop the bug as the mission doesn't resumes when it reach 0 for some reason. The only way to get out of the bug other that closing the game is to abort the mission, since the start menu can still be accessed while in the bug. I'm sure that I am not the only one who ran into this bug as I was with other players both times this happened and they got the bug as well. I'm sure that there are more players who ran into the bug as well. As for how to avoid the bug until DE fix this, when in a void mission with a team, when the option to extract appears, check for who is the host by hovering the cursor over each player's icon, a textbox saying "Host" should appear. After that, all non-host players should follow the host if the latter is extracting to avoid triggering a host migration in the mission. Non-host players can extract from the mission without going with the host without any problems. As for the host and the rest of the team, switching from extracting to staying in the mission and vice versa with a few seconds left on countdown unless when doing so with rest of the team should be avoided. The host can get a couple of the other players bugged by switching from staying to extracting, leaving the latter little time to join the former and possibly not doing so in time. The idea is to, as stated above, prevent a host migration from triggering while in a void mission. I could be wrong about this, but that is pretty much what I think can keep the bug from happening.

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