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Non-Host Players Solo Extract.


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I’ve been in 10 missions and all of them forced me to wait 15-20 minutes for the host to decide to move on to the next location. That’s ridiculous. And the simplest solution for those who have lives outside this game is for DE to add an option to solo extract for players who are not the host. Not to mention that if the host throws up a mission then players outside the railjack should have a timer that will automatically force them back into the railjack. Also maybe an option for non-host players to be able to throw up the next mission instead of being completely limited to whatever the host decides. 

But adding solo extract for non-host players is definitely needed. I’ve spent way too many hours on this game today than I should have. And railjack is not exactly a solo type mission. So please do not give the laziest response of “go to recruit”. Adding this simple function would be a better and shorter alternative than spending hours trying to find a squad. 

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1 hour ago, Vit0Corleone said:

You can abort as soon as the mission ends ( mission result screen ).


Then I must have been dealing with more bugs than I realized. Cause Ive lost multiple resources and stuff from aborting the first few times playing railjack missions. Been having a lot of bugs that have prevented me from gaining a lot more than I already have in railjack. 

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