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Railjack: Teleported unexpectedly - and somewhat catastrophically

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Two person crew, I was host.

We finished Anomaly, went back to clean up fighters/ship killer.

Killed a few ships, I went into the ship killer - my teammate approached a crewship. As soon as he hit "X" to enter the crew ship, I teleported to him (now I was in AW where I was in WF in base). He was in ship.  Neither of us have teleport to player intrinsic.

From that point forward, anytime I went inside anything: crew ship/base/railjack my screen would black out.  The only thing I could see was the mini map if I tried to bring up the tactical menu while on the railjack. If I was in AW, my view was fine.  I stumbled around the RJ to find the exit, and was able to interact with that but the same problem existed no matter what interior I went into - my screen would turn black.

Killing my self (like most other WF bugs) fixed me.  However, at the end of the mission (almost), I returned to RJ while teammate went to do final hack. I used omni to teleport to RJ, and as soon as I did, he teleported 5000m across the map to the shipkiller I had originally teleported out of. 

Basically the wires were crossed and player one's interaction with entering/exiting was impacting player 2 and vice versa. And in my case, it made my screen black anytime I went inside anything.

A clip that starts just after my first teleport experience where I was a bit confused as to where I was all of a sudden. You'll note my aw animation is also messed up - even when boost flying I was vertical.  Then I went into a crew ship and you can see the blackness.

https://xboxclips.com/Tucker D Dawg/d1b36773-3dc3-49a1-a6e5-c618f6fe7f54/embed


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