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1st person option?


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People have been asking for the option for years now.

1st person does exist in the game in the form of a long standing random glitch. But other than that DE would be pulling resources for something a portion of the community feel they wouldn't be able to handle and would get motion sickness.

Alternatively you could ask for the option to change the positioning of the current camera. 

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5 hours ago, yles9056 said:

Yes, DE should definitely add 1st person option.






So that people who ask for 1st person option in a fast-paced action game would realize this is a terrible idea.

Nah, they still shouldn't. I know you are jesting. But if we take your comments seriously, then the moment they add the first person option and people start using it, the next step would be these people asking for the entire game to be nerfed and rebalanced around first person. 

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