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Railjack load problems and glitches


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This has been a common occurrence ever since the railjack update. No one will load into my ship or mission every other time I launch a mission. they can all be in the dojo, at the dry dock and in my ship, they can be in their orbiters, sometimes I invite people to our dojo and the ship isn't there, not allowing them to join our mission for railjack but still be in the squad. This glitch puts us into an infinite load screen until they leave.it will then load us into the mission. I see most of these problems are stimming from loading people in from different areas throughout the game. for example, having a 4 man team and you being in the railjack at the dry dock, 1 outside the ship and 2 still in their orbiter. It wont load anyone in. I noticed that the only way to successfully launch a mission is to have everyone in the party host's railjack in the dry dock or have everyone in their orbiters and the host loads into his railjack from his orbiter and launches the mission. every other way has failed. These issues kill my drive for railjack, completely. I sigh every time this hppens, which is every other mission. I'm not the only one experiencing this, my entire clan and Alliance are continuously running into these issues as well. 

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