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Returned player need help



So i pretty much just returned playing now and i wanna ask if which frame is the best for using melee weapons? I like using melee weapons as my primary damage than using guns. I only have excalibur,rhino,frost. Probably a frame that deals big dps/looks cool, i dont really care if its hard to play or not.

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Just now, Gibsonx said:

With what you have - rhino. His 3rd power is a damage boost. And his 2nd power gives you damage immunity for a damage amount based on how you mod the frame. 

or excal works too, since his 4th power gives you ranged melee

I feel like rhino is slow and excal kinda meh, i tryna find a frame that moves fast or like in an assassin way or some shiz

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Hmm. Ash. But he only drops from a rare spawn. He is assassin like. Or you could try volt. He has a speed boost and increased attack speed is increased damage. He is from clan however. 

maybe khora. She has a whip as a power. 

mirage increases weapon damage as well. By having copies of herself fight with her  

most frame powers are either separate from weapons or are background buffs that aren’t very flashy. Mirage is probably best bet for flashy weapon boost. Slightly on the squishy side tho 

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34 minutes ago, Linki1 said:

I feel like rhino is slow

Bullet Jump etc makes any Frame mobile enough, really.
(Also, Rhino has an aility that literally allows him to charge right into enemies.)

35 minutes ago, Linki1 said:

excal kinda meh, i tryna find a frame that moves fast or like in an assassin way

FWIW, Radial Blind + Finisher combo is pretty assassin-y, I find.

But yeah, as was mentioned, Ash is a good choice for that "ninja assassin" feel.

55 minutes ago, Linki1 said:

a frame that deals big dps

E.g. Frost can totally fill that role, with the right build, Avalanche is a nice room clearer for most of the Star Chart
and not least, Cold procs to boost your Melee damage via Condition Overload
(along with reduced Armor and being immobilized) should work quite nicely.

Hmm ... you could also give Wukong a try, he's easily obtained from Clan Research (if you don't wanna farm the Prime right now),
his clone will engage enemies at range (with infinite ammo) while you're having your Melee pwnage funzies,
he's quite sturdy, with heals / armor buffs / straight-up multiple lives lol,
and as for mobility, Cloud Walker is easily one of the best / fun abilities for that purpose.

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