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Hydroid rework


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I already posted this before but I believe I may have posted It in the wrong sub  forum so I hope this doesn’t get flagged a spam lol.


Hello everyone i want to make a suggestion for a rework for hydroid i know I know he has already been tweaked but I still feel like he’s a bit and no offense to the developers stale i personally love his idea and really would like to see my ideas for him put into action. 


I think his Tempest Barrage is great you can spam it you can charge it and it has a good argument etc but his other 3 abilities are “ehh” so here is some cool ideas I have for them.


 For his 2 instead of just only becoming a wave he can cast it as a projectile with a wide but shorter range that will explode( this variant will still carry the enemies till it explodes for more cool points).


undertow is well odd I mean who wants to be a living puddle right ?, how about Hydroid be able to cast a undertow at range that that behaves like his tentacle swarm but the tentacles ensnare and crush enemies slowing and damaging them but these properties are limited to the area of the undertow. 


His 4 and your going to love this one is a transformation ability. Ok so first off his movement while in his 4 will behave like his tidal surge but you can actually control it and be able to maneuver as you please while still being to crash and knock down enemies and visually this will look like your lower body is a wave. Then along with this he will have a exulted large trident that he will carry in this transformation that will be like   Wukong’s primal fury.

And that’s about it thanks to whoever read this and I hope he gets these changes oh and of you have any ideas of your own I would be interested in hearing them.

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