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Corpus Kuva Lich Equivalent Concept: S.U.R.S.A.I s (Self-Updating Rogue Super Artificial Intelligence)


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Before I begin this post I just want to say this : Yes I believe that the current Kuva Lich system needs some MAJOR tweaks and updates, and that a corpus variant should likely be put on hold until those better systems are in place. And secondly before anyone comments about other forms of Corpus Kuva Lich Equivalents, I am aware they exist (some to do with Fortuna, Amalgams, Bounty Hunters ETC.) But I feel this idea is the most corpus of all those ideas. Spoiler This idea involves robotic Proxies developing Super Intelligence, and None of those other Ideas really encapsulate the Corpus in a gameplay sense that well. (amalgams are fairly recent and exclusive to Jupiter, and Corpus bounty hunters fits with their love of money but NOT so well with their technology aesthetic, as there is only so much you can do a corpus human before you start getting into Grineer levels of augmentation, and Corpus don't tend to do that on the people they employ to kill Tenno) So lets try to keep this thread about THIS idea. Everybody Good? Good.
So I've been thinking a lot about the Corpus Lately. And about the Moa's introduced in Fortuna and how big of a disappointment they were. (I know that sounds irrelevant but just trust me I'll come back to it later.) I've also been thinking a lot about how exactly a Corpus Kuva Lich system would work, pretty obviously from the title of this post. And so I started Researching some of the Ideas other people have had, and while I've seen it discussed as a potential Concept, I haven't Really seen anyone take the "Sentient Self-Updating Corpus AI" Idea to it's full extent. So that's why I am here, Mainly because I DO NOT want D.E to just superimpose a Corpus Aesthetic over the EXACT same Kuva Lich System, because I REALLY do not think that fits very well, and With Kuva Liches we have Kuva weapons, but there is no easy Equivalent for Corpus, and while i'm sure D.E can pull a new weapon variant for Corpus out of their asses any time they want to, I'd prefer not to have to experience that, and same goes for the Relic system, Corpus are not in any way related to Kuva meaning Requiem Relics and Mods wouldn't work for their version of the system prompting D.E to give us YET another Round of New Series Relics and Parazon Mods to go with it. And I think speak for us when I say we don't need yet another use for our void traces. So I have come up with my own system in as detailed of a way possible. The
Self-Updating Rogue Super Artificial Intelligence OR (S.U.R.S.A.I s) (Name still pending feel free to post better ones in the comments 🙂
Stage 1: Acquisition : This part would not be too different from the current system. Nef or Maybe Frohd Bek Finds a destroyed or broken down robotic Proxy (Ambulas,Raptor,Drone,Moa,Bursa,Jackal/Lynx,Raknoids,Hyenas, ETC) And wants to salvage it. You can't stop him from doing so and the machine is salvaged by the time you reach it, you have a small skirmish with it here, and down the first proxy it has, but not before it backs up its mind into a corpus system to something like that, this would allow the player to still get elements on it like with current Liches, but I felt being allowed to fight your new "Lich" right off the back would be a nice little tweak, and one that would make sense for this system. Similarly to how Kuva Guardians introduce you to the Kuva Larvlings, Nef and or Bek would only serve as the beginning of the system and likely wouldn't play a very big role throughout the whole system. These Broken Machine would spawn on either specific missions or work just like current Kuva Liches and there would be corpus hot spots for them, if the latter was the case i'd make it so that the hot spots are on the broken corpus ship tilesets, as that makes the most sense, mainly Europa, and probably Pluto/Neptune.
Stage 2: The Process: Your S.U.R.S.A.I would not stand idly by, with each time you do ANY mission in it's controlled area, it both spreads a node or 2 and collects data on the frame you're playing. Allowing it to disable overused abilities (much like Simaris) in the final encounter. When it comes to finally killing it though, as apposed to killing thralls and getting murmurs to unlock the correct requiem sequence, more similarly to u/Darkmega18 Idea for "Network Phantoms" (I like his idea too I just like mine more, and big thanks to him as this part is pretty based of his own. Credit goes to him Majorily) You would find and kill small proxy variants of the S.U.R.S.A.I in order get intelligence on where it's weak points are in the general system, with this going much faster the more than total 100 murmurs you need to find you Kuva Liches requiem sequence but i'd also say you would have to hack the small downed proxies instead of mercy'ing them, in order to get the data. (you'd also occasionally encounter your S.U.R.S.A.I it's controlled mission nodes like Kuva Liches.) then complete some spy vaults or interception missions based around stealth, or maybe even just eavesdropping missions similarly to the chimera prologue, and eventually find the main area with the S.U.R.S.A.I has been storing its main consciousness, This would be the final place to encounter it, and finally destroy it.
Stage 3: The Showdown: The Corpus by the time you find it's final location would have realized that this thing is not worth the risk and would help and accompany you to the final location of your S.U.R.S.A.I. There are several different tilesets that this could be but, mainly we would have a large circular room with a giant tower in the center. (These could also be on large ships much like Kuva Liches were promised to be) The S.U.R.S.A.I would release Smaller, gradually getting bigger versions of itself outside of the walls, not sure on exactly how many in total, but after each wave you'd hack/destroy a layer of metal on the center pillar, and by the last wave the pillar is completely destroyed and revealed to have the largest proxy version of the S.U.R.S.A.I Inside, and the one containing it's main consciousness, (I would think that by the time you get to it's final body it would shout something like "MUST I DO EVERYTHING MYSELF?" Much like many star chart bosses.) with this last proxy being extremely strong, and you really requiring a well co-ordinated team to take it down, i'd also say that more smaller proxies would continue to come out of the walls during the final part of the encounter. As the assembly lines in the walls desperately try to produce more proxies to stop you. As stated above the S.U.R.S.A.I would be able to occasionally disable certain warframe abilites, and i'd also say they would have an occasional (once every 60-90 seconds) Nullifier Pulse to help counteract your powers. After all is said and done though the final proxy falls to the ground beaten and battered, ready for you to make your final decision.
Stage 4: Destroy or Convert: This would work in opposition to the current Kuva Lich system, I would LOVE it if D.E could make it so that the "Convert" Option is like the Vanquish Option for Kuva Liches, The S.U.R.S.A.I after being defeated could be converted, into a companion, now I these companions would act like Moas but should have far higher base health,Shields,Armor,(Likely values in the 700-1000's and also hopefully higher intelligence) and should try to stay close to the player as much as possible and have powerful precepts. (Like the Ambulas' Laser spin move, or a denial bursa's Flashbang Grande) I know making a companion this strong could lead to sentinels becoming obsolete, but is that really a bad thing? they've been the king of companions for over half a DECADE now, and I think companions either deserve to share or take the spotlight from them at this point. These Companions would also have their own "sentinel" weapon exclusive to their kind of machine, and these should likely be on the level of a fully modded and power, Deth machine rifle prime. Now as for the Destroy option, that's the one thing I don't have a very good grasp on, There DOES need to be a secondary option as not everyone has infinite Robotics slots, But if I give my best attempt I'd say the player gets access to a large supply cache of rare resources,Credits and other things while also getting some other benefit. Feel free to suggest what the secondary option should be as I still don't have a good grasp on how to do it.
Anyway that;s all from me, i spent a few hours making this post, perhaps eventually for no reason. I'm going to post this both on Reddit and the official Warframe forums in hope in D.E seeing it as i think IF EXECUTED CORRECTLY it could massively make up for the failures of Kuva Liches, oh and i'd also say that S.U.R.S.A.I's shouldn't repeat in what robot they are until the player has all of them done already. To help reduce the feeling of grind, since you'll have a set amount of S.U.R.S.A.I's to go through until you find the right one. I may change the name of these in the future and if it happens to be a suggestion ill shout them out down here for the name change, as S.U.R.S.A.I's don't roll of the tongue very well.
Oh and thanks again to u/Darkmega18 on Reddit for his idea about "Network Phantoms" his idea is also very good and if mine doesn't get put in I hope his does. His ideas really helped out the middle section of this post, with the location of the data consciousness and all that, so go check out his idea here.
Anyway that;s all from me, I hope you enjoyed the post, as I said i spent a bit of time on it, and it could definitely be improved, so shoot some ideas/criticism my way if you feel up to the task. Have a great day! 😃
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