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A New Melee Weapon Suggestion


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First of all, im not sure if this is the right catagory. Sorry if its wrong.


Anyways, how about we get some fans.. Im talking about the weapon, the japanese war fan. A fast small melee weapon. There could be a single, and dual versions.


Here's a pic; http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/56/Gunsen_Asian_Art_Museum_SF.JPG


And dont even tell me it wont fit into the game! We have a frikin' BOOMARANG. Even a bacon strip as a weapon, so why not a war fan.. Its a real thing, tessenjutsu.. Look it up..


Anyways, what are your thoughts?

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Lets take a break from melee for a bit, just a little while? Please?

I think if it was done very, very carefully it could work. But I don't think they would get it right.

It's also not really a new idea it's been floating around for a while.

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Aaand, I'm done with this thread.... lol

we never asked you to stay..


And Kolos1001, I dont see how a boomarang does it too. Besides you should look up tessenjutsu, to see how they actually used these war fans. seriously guys, this would be a fun melee ._.

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Here for example


they could use some of these moves for dual skanas, dual ether, fangs even, it would make these weapons a hell of alot more fun to play

looks good, the umbrella in the video were a little wierd though.


The fan would be really cool, and they should also add a stance for melee only, like primary and secoundary.. so witht the war fan you could hold it infront of the ''mounth'' of the character...

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