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Reaper prime


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I primarily use the Reaper Prime and I have done extensive testing with it. When nodded properly, I think it is the most powerful weapon in the game.

I would suggest you replace Berserker with Quickening to build up your combo count quicker. Also, Reaper Prime has too high of a crit chance to bother using Condition Overload. You will melt through enemies before status effects can benefit CO. Swap it with Gladiator Might for more critical damage and critical chance (with the set bonus from your sentinel). I would also swap your elemental mods with the 60/60 variant to get more corrosive procs.  

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

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On 2019-12-30 at 6:35 PM, --Aurix-- said:

So i recently got back to the game after melee changes and I heard that Reaper prime is op rn but am not sure how to build it this is what i got so far also i have a riven for it and idk what stats i should aim for so help is appreciated xD



Your Riven is perfect for the combo efficiency build (could be even better, with negative), it replaces drifting contact mod for the build.

All you need to change here is  

Shocking Touch > Focus Energy (electric + 40% efficiency)

Pick Zenurik school passive (+50% efficiency is enough if you havent got it all maxed, the cap is 90% anyway)

Organ Shatter > Amalgam Organ Shatter (faster heavy attacks)

Berserker = Quickening (personal taste, may be even Primed Fury).

PPP or CO > Primed Reach (range is always good, ddamage is enough with one of those)


The point of this build is that you gain max lvl combo counter, crit around on Bloodrush steroids and can use a Heavy Attack (insanely powerful at 12x and with a forced Slash Proc) from time to time on some tanky enemies. Or just some Heavy Slam.

12x combo after one Heavy attack/slam with 90% efficiency goes down to around 10.5x, which you quickly turn back into 12x. 

And another cool thing - each time you use Heavy Attacks - you reset the timer (15.3s in your case) loosing only 10% of your combo counter. Very handy when no enemies around for a while.

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That riven is amazing. The thought of that combined with Primed Reach is making me drool.

I'd honestly advise losing the Corrosive damage. Reaper Prime is blessed with having incredible crit, status, and Slash ratio, making it perfect for dealing most of its damage through slash procs. Melee weapons should rarely, if ever, be using Corrosive for the sake of stripping armor-- especially if they can make use of slash procs as well as ReaperP does.

As a rule of thumb, if your melee weapon is successfully stripping an enemy's armor, that's only because it isn't killing the enemy fast enough.


I'd personally:

  • Replace Primed Pressure Point with Primed Reach, to instantly give yourself one of the widest-reaching melees in the game. If oneshotting mid-leveled enemies is a priority and you don't desperately need your arcanes, then get your base damage through Arcane Fury.
  • Replace Shocking Touch with Weeping Wounds. This alone will get you to 100% Status at 9x combo.

Final slot can be any of:

  • Primed Fever Strike (best raw damage + ignores shields, BUT harshly lowers bleed-proc chance).
  • Focus Energy (maximizes Heavy Attack efficiency with Zenurik + allows you to maintain combo indefinitely by using a heavy attack if no enemies are nearby, BUT slightly suffers against enemies with high Shields or Alloy Armor [not that it matters if you use Heavy Attacks]).
    ^ Goes best with Amalgam Organ shatter.
  • Buzz Kill (completely obliterates armor and is decent against shields due to the sheer number of slash procs, BUT the lack of proc variety may scale poorly with Condition Overload if you don't have a status gun handy).
    ^ Do not use if CO is your only source of base damage.
  • Primed Pressure Point (a bit more bleed damage, BUT without the reliability of Buzz Kill).
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