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An alternate version of the arch wing control system (with controller suppport)


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so I personally think the revamped Archwing sytem kind of clipped our wings so to speak.  I dont know if there is any sort of technical difficulties or reasons against this restriction of movement and some insight would def help but the current movement system is pretty painful, especially on Titania for those of you who play her. A lot of people seem to agree that you have less control so lets see if this control scheme works with controller that I've laid out. the main purpose of this is to quite frankly get our 360 gyro mode back along with toggled after burner. This is mainly controller focused as that seems to be where DE was having trouble implimenting it.

  • LB + RB is blink since it can be treated like an ability and be put in the special 5th ability slot (zenurick, maduria, ect) this would only work on actual archwings since titania does not blink and instead transferrence is used instead
  • LB is down if held and is dodge if tapped in either gyro or boost
  • R3 (stick) is a toggled afterburner since that would be the best implimentation. If it was desired you could also toggle an "automatic afterburner" in settings. This would only happen in boost mode and secondary fire woud not happen much like how titania works cuurently with the new melee system. for those unaware if you are boosting as Titania nothing will happen if you press R3. the same would happen in regular archwing only allowing secondary fire and whatever changes they bring only availble in gyro mode.
  • L3 (stick) is toggle gyro and boost modes
  • A is up when held there is no action for it being tapped (both gyro and boost modes)
  • RB is of course ability selection followed by the corrosponding buttons
  • Right stick would be look
  • Left stick would be move
  • D-Pad acts the same as always
  • Triggers act the same (duh)
  • Back buttons act the same
  • start buttons act the same

This covers every single control boost isnt supposed to automatically jet you foward. Thats afterburner. So if you don't deactivate and you run into a wall it becomes a forgivable issue since you are focused on zipping around and need to control the sticks. If you play Titania and Archwing then youll know that by simply reading this and following the post while in the plains or orb vallis that this feels natural. If this was done we could get our 360 movement back as well as more control while boosting this would also mean that unless you have afterburner initialized you can actually stop in boost mode.

Now for the unpopular opinion / question I want to ask everyone. Was I the only one that like the drifting mechanic of the old archwing system? Since there was zero friction? I can understand not bringing this back but I kinda liked it. Anyway I hope this ends up being the control scheme that DE would be more than free to impliment and use. or at least give me the ability to do custom controls to do this.

EDIT: Also just realized that if this took from the tennos energy it would actually give me a reason to upgrade my tenno and farm focus since the most i ever did anything with them was eidolon hunting. this would give you incentive to actually save up focus for energy and unbind schools guess what DE been around 5-7 years still no reason to focus farm

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though of a brilliant idea for the tenno school passives
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1 hour ago, NightmareT12 said:

I'm not really sold in afterburner on R3, remember that is the default alt fire for weapons and Plains need to use it too 😕

true but it would only be a thing for boost mode so you could program what behaviors take priority whats a good alternative if you want to suggest one?

Just tested this as titania and this is actually already how it works where it would only be for boost mode check original post so my control scheme still works

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tested out with titania
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