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Excalibur Zato coat gap


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Now, I'm not entirely sure whether this is intended or not, however, I felt like I should point it out. What to me looks like the fur edge of the coat is not connected to the coat itself around Excalibur's chest. Under normal circumstances, this seems to be covered by a dangling piece of fur when not equipped with any animation set.


However, when equipping the custom animation set for Excalibur Zato, the alleged visual bug is revealed. You can see the chest through the coat and this is even more visible with the Agile set.
Furthermore, you can also see the fabric laid over the coat glitching through the model to hide the edges, as I would assume.



Now, if this is indeed a deliberate design choice, then this post may as well be ignored and/or removed. But if it's not, then there's two solutions to this that I can personally think of: either clip the dangling fur piece to the coat in order to hide the gap(easy fix), or somehow have the coat fabric stretch all the way to the edge(consistent fix).
Either way, the skin looks great and I've been a huge fan of it ever since the concept preview and this was really the only point of criticism I could find.

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