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Railjack ship has disappeared! Inaccessible!


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I completed the Rising Tide quest, saw the quest completion screen. Then, at the back of the ship where the pod is (and hearing "that" voice), it prompts me to start the next mission (on Lua, IIRC). I opted to not start the mission yet and logged off the game.

On logging back in and going to the dry dock, my ship is gone!

I cannot access my railjack from the drydock nor interact with the center console in the dock.

I can see the railjack above my orbiter but cannot transport to it from the lower-center portion of my orbiter nor anywhere else!

At this point, unless this gets fixed, I will be indefinitely unable to access the railjack that i just finished contructing!

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I tried accessing it from my orbiter, from the center turbine-looking area between the three rooms. Originally, i had a bunch of decorations on it, but after moving them off the console hump and the turbine looking thing (moving them just to the side)....still no luck. Nothing prompts to enter the railjack.

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It seems the problem magically solved itself. After a couple hours of trying everything, I came back to the drydock to find the ship there. I finished the final Lua mission initiated from the ship, and I can now enter railjack missions with my ship.

I'll consider my particular problem closed, but I'll try to check in for any follow-on questions.

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