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Parazon kills break Atmospheric Archgun functionality


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A player who has used their Archgun Launcher and equipped their Archgun on ground missions can only ever use that weapon. Hitting the Melee key should do nothing, hitting the weapon switch key should do nothing, wall latch should not work. However, performing Mercy Kills, especially on Lich Thralls and the Lich, causes some of the above behaviour to change.

After a player wielding an Archgun performs a Mercy Kill on a Lich Thrall, that player will usually regain use of their melee weapon. That is to say, said player will be able to hit their Melee key to swing their melee weapon to perform all Stance combos. Once the player stops attacking with their melee weapon, the Archgun automatically re-equips itself.  The player can also perform most melee special moves. Said player can perform a "spin-2-win" dashing attack, a standard ground slam and a heavy attack on the ground. Melee block and heavy ground slams cannot be performed as those require the melee weapon to be held in-hand.

After a player wielding an Archgun performs a Mercy Kill on a Lich Thrall, the player is able to swap weapons using the weapon swap key. This un-equips the Archgun and equips the player's secondary weapon, as though the player had been holding their primary weapon previously. If said player performs a Mercy Kill on an actual Lich (whether successfully vanquishing/converting said lich of getting their spine broken), then the player will become unable to re-trigger the Archgun Launcher to un-equip their Archgun at all. An error signifying that the Archgun Launcher is not ready will pop up. The only way the player has to get rid of their Archgun at that point is to switch weapons vie the Weapon Swap key, which will equip their secondary weapon.

My uneducated suspicion is that something about the implementation of the Parazon itself is placing players wielding Archguns into a broken or unintended state. It's pretty clear that the Parazon is implemented as a weapon of its own (it shows up as Rank 30 when in use) and that the Warframe switches to it, then back to whatever weapon was previously equipped. It seems that the player is taken out of "Archgun mode" for the duration of the Mercy Kill, then their Archgun is re-equipped but the "Archgun mode" restrictions are not reapplied, at least for the host. Because the Archgun appears to replace the primary weapon, this then places the Warframe in a state where an Archgun is wielded as though it were a primary weapon, instead.

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