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Weapon skins applied to Zaws do not generate sound or vibration during attacks.


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Obviously as a PS4 player, I play Warframe extensively on a controller. And I’m primarily a melee aficionado. Having read through the Rising Tides update thread that you can equip weapon skins on Zaws was certainly a treat and a very anticipated endeavor to achieve. Great stuff in getting this done.

Of course, this is not without any downfalls. It’s great that Zaws can equip weapon skins, but when a zaw is equipped with a skin and is in use no sound is generated nor is there any vibration whenever you attack. It’s just odd not hearing the sound of your weapon swing or feeling any feedback during attacks that gives you a “responsive weight” whenever attacks are generated. The only thing you hear is the weapon hitting a surface, which could be the clanging of metal, the cutting of flesh, or (well) the sound of a wet drumstick lightly tapping an enemy to death. 

More needs to be done to perfect weapon skins to be applicable to Zaws. Aesthetically you were able to match the Strike and weapon part models of the Zaw, and made them mesh well with weapon skins. Kudos on that. Now we just to need to figure out how to sync melee attack sounds and the correlative vibration feedback to it to feel right.

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