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Grendel part blueprint not rewarded


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Hello, just a few minutes ago I completed a Grendel part mission (the survival one), together with a team mate. I used up all my revives a couple of minutes before the mission ended, but he was able to complete the mission. I expected the part blueprint to be rewarded as we completed the mission however it seems i did not get it as reward. On the other hand the mission is not visible anymore so I'd need to farm vitus essence again for the locator.

Is this intended behaviour or a bug? If so is there any resolution apart from farming the vitus essence again and making another attempt for the mission?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello. If you are afk for more than 2 mn, you don't get anymore loot in the mission, even in mission ending. Beind flagged afk include not moving, or being dead, for 2mn straight.


If you were host and started the game, you consummed your key to offer a grendel piece for all participants ; but you didn't get it yourself because of the above.

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