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Sword and Shield - Final Harbinger


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I'm having loads of fun with the semi-new melee 3.0 or 2.9999 since focus mode is still not here.

But two things bother me so far.

First is the highly discussed accidental heavy attacks.

Second and the reason for this post Sword and Shield used to be one of my favorite melee weapons in melee 1.0, because I used to love flying across the room with Final Harbinger's Dark Light combo cutting everyone in the path, with the changes that combo is very slow and locks you in place for a long time, it just feels bad, I just try to avoid it now if and when I play with Sword and Shield.

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You can skip the lengthy lock part of the combo by using RMB + E followed immediately by the forward combo (W + E) in order to maintain your momentum.

Also, I haven't pulled off any unintentional heavy attacks with Sword and Board even while spamming the neutral combo for the slash procs.

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