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Umbra Excalibur's kill count doesn't count?!


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So me and my friend plays with the passive of excalibur umbra because it's fun to see how the "spectre" acts. But what makes no sense is that I get 0 kills everyday, anytime. When MY umbra kills in a misson, it doesn't count towards the leaderboard but my friend's umbra does.

So I wonder if I am the one who's bugged or if he's the one who's bugged because when I asked in the region chat ingame on PC everyone was just pure toxic instead of trying to help me, so this is my last chance. I don't want to be "AFK:D" on a mission when I truely ain't! Because I lose alot of time and resources (Literally every bit of resources) if I would go to do the same thing as my friend and just let umbra kill.

Please fix this, so I can get kills with my umbra as well with his' great passive because that's what makes him special.

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