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The Index: Endurance Bug


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Dear Warframe Moderators,
    I try to play the index so many times but when I'm not a host, all peoples leave but I keep playing the next round alone. The game will stuck and can't do anything. the camera will stuck at the start point, No any UI show on, can't move the character but the game still playing. the only one way can do is close the game (Alt + F4). It happen every single times when I join peoples and they leave.


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This is the single most reliable and game-breaking bug I have yet encountered in Warframe. All I can do is write this post and hope it gets seen. It either was never really fixed or has come back.


Update 23.0 - October 12th, 2018

  • Fixed issue where the Index would get stuck if there was a Host migration during the rewards screen between rounds.
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