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Gara Vitrify Bug


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I ran into a bug today with Gara's Vitrify while trying to unlock a riven that requires no damage to the objective. The bug is as follows:

I cast Vitrify to create a barrier to protect the defense objective. All is fine and well. 

If I recast Vitrify without first exploding it with Shattered Lash, then the barrier creates itself as normal. Or so it seems... But really, the barrier simply disappears from the game world, but is still visible on the screen. Giving the illusion that enemies are just walking through the barrier unobstructed.

I know it's not just a logic bug because I've tested this several times. I recast Vitrify after a wave ends to refresh the barrier's health, and enemies walk right through it. Attempting to use Shattered Lash on the barrier after recasting it does nothing at all, proving that Vitrify is not actually there and active despite being visible on the screen, requiring you to recast it a second time.

In summary, to recreate this bug:

Cast Mass Vitrify as normal.

Recast Mass Vitrify (without destroying it first).

Enemies will walk through the barrier that is visible on the screen, but is not actually in the game world. Proven because this faux-barrier cannot be destroyed by Shattered Lash, or interacted with in any way.

Recast Mass Vitrify a second time to actually succeed in creating the barrier.

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