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Invisible Zaw Nikana sheathe (for nearly a year)


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The sheathe of my Zaw Nikana has been invisible for what I believe to now be more than a year. Please help. The sheathe is only visible while in my ship or other non-mission areas. As soon as a mission starts, the sheathe then becomes invisible for the entire mission. The bug happens exactly the same way with or without skins applied on the Nikana and regardless of whatever else may be equipped.

Here is an exemple of the Nikana at the beginning of a mission.



And another exemple just a few seconds later.



BUT, if and only if no other weapon is equipped, the sheathe actually becomes visible again! But then the blade and the sheathe keep weirdly clipping through each other differently for each motion of the character animation (sometimes the blade can go above the sheathe or below, on its left or on its right). It's as if the sheathe and the blade weren't attached to the same body part?



Lastly, even in hub areas the sheathe seems to be problematic and will often just double itself with each sheathe following a slightly different pattern according to the motion of the Warframe. Here again, it seems as if the motion of the two sheathes were attached to different body parts somewhat.



Please help! This is my favorite weapon and I believe I've been really patient already to see if the issue would be solved with each passing melee update.


Thank you for your time. :)

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