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Avionics full name


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40 minutes ago, DarkRuler2500 said:

So like Bulkhead (Zetki) ?

I support that, cuz is really confuses right now when u farming something u get several avionics mods with the same name, but u don't actually know which is which mod, that is really stupid by making from DEVS.

Also statistic from the mods should be highlighted or visible in progress & rewards tab during fight missions.

Next thing is that we need for trading those mods special option in trading post, or some similar trading room like a crimson breach, cuz right now I don't know how to trade this mods, that's my problem.

Too many stupid things have come from DEVS!

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2 hours ago, DarkRuler2500 said:

So like Bulkhead (Zetki) ?

Yes, exactly, because i got 3 Bulkhead avionics and cant even say which one is which untill i checked them in Dry dock

23 minutes ago, NightmareT12 said:

To be fair, Avionics shouldn't even have houses. They're basically mods ._.

I think that too, same as other Railjack stuff, because dealing with S#&$y % drop and on top of that praying for good stats in way too much

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Or give the diffrent houses distinctivly diffrent shapes, rather than a 2x2 pixel icon on the borders of the images like so:


                Lavan                                   Vidar                                                 Zetki

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