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Here are somethings that I will be discussing that I feel DE need to focus on. Also there is allot to read so if you can`t be asked to read all of it, just read a part that peaks your interest but if you do read all of it I will be very grateful. 

1. New warframes, reworks and revisits

2. The state of warframe augments

3. Melee Stances Improvements

4. Nightwave

5. Game-modes

6. Improving existing content

7. Operators

8. The Kuva lich system

9. Syndicates

10. Worthwhile rewards

11. Unique Weapons


Also here is the link of the post I did for last year. You can check to see if any of my points were addressed.


New warframe, reworks and revisits

When I think of the warframes that need a rework or a revisit I think of Valkyr and Banshee, when it comes to a revisit (imo) I think of Titania and Ash but I feel that Ash need to be looked at again coz comparing his revisit to oberon, it`s just isn’t a big deal. Of course, there are others but they are the ones I would like to get a look over.

If I were to improve these frames, here is what I would do


She is a stealth frame my idea is going improve on the concept and focus on changing enemy behaviour.


Passive: Depending on the level of noise in the environment will determine the weapons and abilities performance.

·       There is a sound indicator showing the volume level of noise.

·       If there is no sound, weapons will be silenced.

·       If there is noise in the environment, her ability strength will increase based on the level of noise.

·       Sounds that Banshee makes does not add to the volume gauge.



1st ability:

·       Enemies hit will receive a 30% slower knockdown recovery.

·       Enemies that hit a hard surface will take more damage.

·       It can reflect projectile weapons back at enemies.

·       Can be used on the move.

·       Can break breakable objects.



2nd ability:

·       Can be used on the move.

·       (Synergy) Enemies affected take increase damage from her 1st and 4th ability.



3rd ability:

·       Enemies will notice you within a 15m of their vision.

·       Enemies will have a slower reaction time when noticing you (if you stand in front of them it will take them 3 seconds until they react to your presents)

·       If you hold the ability, you can control how far the ability reaches based on how much range it has.

·       Show the radius of the ability.

·       Put an indicator above the enemies’ head to show how quickly they will be alerted by seeing you. (like stealth games)

·       If enemies are alerted, casting this ability will revert them back to being un-alerted however they will still be alerted if the alarms are on or if you are in their sights.

·       Can be used on the move.

·       (Synergy) If you use after casting the 2nd ability, you can see enemies through walls. It will also give you 4.0 punch-through on weapons. (can be increased by strength mods)



4th Ability:

·       Enemies will be suspended in the air.

·       After being cast, you can now move around while active.

·       It drains 6 energy a second.

·       After deactivation, enemies will have their damage reduced by 80%.

·       Can break breakable objects.

·       (Synergy) because this makes continues noise, the volume gauge will be at its highest as long as the ability is active.





1st ability REWORK: Valkyr pounces on enemies dealing damage with her claws, having a chance to open them up to finishers.

·       The claws deal 700 true damage.

·       The claws use the cast combo window. (the more you use it the less energy it takes and the more damage it does)

·       You have to target an enemy to cast the ability.

·       Can be used in the air and on the move.

·       Holding the ability will launch you in the air.

·       Enemies will be dismembered when killed.

·       Visually the claws temporarily appear when the ability is cast.

·       (Synergy) 2nd ability can increase its cast speed by 30%.

·       (Synergy) 4th ability can increase its damage by 40%.



2nd ability:

·       Can be used while on the move.

·       This will show a visible ring to show the range of the ability.

·       This will be a mobile ability instead of the effect being stationary.

·       Instead of giving Valkyr armour, enemies within the radius will be vulnerable to damage by 20%.



3rd ability:

·       Shields will stun them while having no shields will do a small ragdoll with a slow recovery rate and deal damage to them.

·       Allies will benefit from enemies` defences being striped by them being able to do more damage to them.

·       Enemies affected by this will increases Valkyr`s finisher speed by 30%

·       (Synergy) Activated while using the 4th ability will increase its damage.



4th ability:

·       Valkyr starts off with 100% damage reduction (replacing invulnerability) but it will start to decay overtime however she will gain all mobility speed increase. She can increase her DR back by killing enemies though it will decrease her mobility speed. Losing all DR will let you gain 90% mobility speed.

·       Get rid of increased energy drain over time.

·       Give her a new stance where it`s only her claws are being used.

·       Get rid of energy colour affecting vision colour.



Fix: Energy claws are not visible in animation on Valkyr prime.



I believe that she will get a revisit this year since her prime is coming out in March and she doesn`t have an augment for her 1st ability yet. 


1st ability:

·       Increase ability radius from 5m to 10m.

·       Instead of them rag dolling, make them just hover in the air.

·       Enemies affected are vulnerable to damage.

·       Shooting enemies will have a 50% chance to drop health orbs. When picked up, it will send out a 15m wave of health regeneration giving her and allies 10 health a second for 5 seconds.



Synergy: if you use the 2nd ability on an enemy affected by the 1st ability, they have a 75% chance to drop energy orbs. It can also move the hovering enemy.



·       (Augment) When adding status affects to enemies, when a affected enemy is killed, the status will spread to nearby enemies in a 15m radios increased the damage and status duration by 50%.



2nd ability:

·       All buffs effectiveness will be increased to 75%.

·       The range of enemies affected should be in a 50m radius.

·       Thorns – the damage reflection should be 1000+ to make it useful. This can be increased by strength mods

·       Full Moon – it should also increase companion’s and butterfly’s movement speed.

·       Holding the ability will cycle through each buff highlighting enemies by chosen energy colours for five seconds.

·       Buffs should be absorbed into her no matter the distance.

·       Enemies that survive the hit their damage output is reduced by 50%.

Synergy: dust & thorns applies to 4th ability butterflies.



3rd ability:

·       Each enemy affected will increase the range by 2m to a cap of 10m.

·       The enemy affected will stay stationary in the air.

·       You can shoot at affected enemy loading elemental damage into it depending on what mods you have on your weapons. The butterflies and the explosion will release the elemental damage. Visually loading fire damage will show the butterflies and enemies on fire and will show fire explosion upon deactivation.



4th ability:

·       While using 4th ability, make the other ability cost half the energy.

·       While having the diwata (exalted sword) equipped, you can close the gap on enemies within 35m. This makes it to where you can reach the enemies quicker.

·       She is able to interact with the environmental objects while in this form. (hacking, opening doors)

·       (Synergy) If you cast the 1st ability on enemies, it will give the diwata 30% more damage when used on them.



Even through ppl say that he is in a good place, he is not. Iv`e been saying for years that his bs was a prob since they showed it on the dev stream even the youtuber life of rio thinks his bs is a problem and that someone that is his main frame, It`s just funny now ppl are just realising how much of a prob bs really is. Ppl keep arguing saying that his damage is good but that's not my issue my issue is how slow his activation speed and that he has no use to the team and other problems on top of that plus his other abilities could be way better that it is. So if I were to improve all his abilities, here is what I would do.



·       All abilities can be cast while on ziplines.



1st Ability:

·       If an enemy is killed in one hit it is considered as a stealth kill.

·       Holding the ability will make both shurikens target the enemy you`re aiming at dealing double slash damage and adds critical damage based on what crit damage mods you have equipped on your melee weapon, also headshots will do more damage.

·       The more health the enemy loses, the slower the enemy moves when bleeding out.

·       When the enemy stops bleeding, it will go back to its normal movement speed.

·       It has a 1 second combo window. The more you use the ability, the more damage it does, the less energy it takes.

·       The built-up damage multi from spamming it can affect the held version of shuriken.



2nd Ability:

·       Increase the cast stun duration to 4 sec.

·       The smoke left behind will last for 10 seconds.

·       The smoke cloud has a 5m radius which can be increased by range mods.

·       Enemies that enter the smoke will have a 6 sec stun duration and are 40% more susceptible to damage. If allies are in the cloud they cannot be targeted by enemies.

·       All stun durations cannot be increased by duration mods.

·       When Ash is invisible, the apparitions from bs are also invisible.



There are now new ways you can use this ability;


·       You can use it next to a dangerously high-levelled enemy to stun it and kill it with ease.

·       You can use it to block enemies in doorways. Since the smoke affect duration is 6 seconds and the smoke lasts 10 seconds, enemies will be stuck for a total of 12 seconds.

·       You can protect your allies from enemies` sight with smoke cloud.

·       If you mod for less duration and more range, it will turn it into a better cc ability.



3rd Ability:

·       Holding the ability will show an indicator of where he can teleport to from the radical but the range is hafted.

·       Teleporting to a wall will make ash hang to the wall for 3 seconds.

·       Not only it can teleport to anything with a health bar, it can also teleport to anything that can be scanned.

·       You can teleport through windows if there are allies, npcs, enemies, objects with a health bar or is scannable objects on the other side of it.


·       You are able to teleport to enemies that are in the air.

·       After teleporting in the air, preforming melee attacks will keep him in the air.



4th Ability:

·       When activating the ability, it will start instantly.

·       Pressing the ability will bring you into the animation while holding the ability will send clones out to kill instead of you.

·       If you want to jump out of bs, press the ability again and the clones will continue to kill enemies.

·       Enemies that are red can be killed by players.

·       There is no limit to how many enemies he can kill within the radius of the enemy he`s aiming at.

·       An indicator is shown of the number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs.

·       Sliding before activating will increase the animation and clones` attack speed by 20%.



Interactive blade storm animation


If you don`t want to be in the animation, it will act as normal however if you decide to be involved in the animation, you have a chance to gain bonus duration of slash ticks and 1% animation speed increase in the next use however, you have to be interactive within the animation.



While in the animation;



·       You have to press the melee button in sink when his stabs enemies in the animation.

·       When doing so, there is an indicator showing the buffs and successful hits which will be converted into duration of slash ticks and animation speed increase.

·       The more successful hits you get the more animation speed you can get in the next use e.g. 10 successful hits = 10% animation speed.

·       The maximus slash duration bonus you can receive is 7 seconds.

·       If you jump out of bs you will lose the bonuses.

·       The bonuses slash tick duration will also include all weapon types. (even weapons that don’t have slash)

·       If you don`t interact with at least five animation cutscenes and get three successful hits, you will only deal half of bs damage. (2000 damage + no interaction = 1000 damage.



Since Ash doesn`t have any synergy (or any good ones) here are some that will improve his performance;






Smoke Screen + Shuriken, Teleport:


·       If you use any ability while you`re invisible, enemy bodies will disappear.

·       The energy cost will also be cut down by half.

·       If you teleport to an enemy while you are invisible you will stun enemies around you and increase the smoke cloud duration to 15 seconds.



Shuriken + Teleport:


·       Using the 1st ability on an enemy will show their health bar through walls longer, making you able to teleport to them as long as they are continually receiving bleeding ticks.



Shuriken + Blade Storm:


To increase the damage of bs you must use shuriken. As long as enemies continuously keep receiving bleeding ticks, your damage will increase over time with no limit.

·       Enemies need to be alive and bleeding from the 1st ability for bs to build up damage.

·       If no enemies are affected by slash, you will have five seconds before the damage is lost.

·       If the five seconds is up, the stored-up damage will decay overtime instead of disappearing completely.

·       There will be an indicator showing the amount of damage you are accumulating and the amount of time you have left.

·       If you get downed, the timer won`t start until you are revived.





·       Make Ash be able to teleport in and out of the same grates instead of just one direction.

·       Make opening enemies up to finishers consistent with 3rd ability.

·       Sometime ash is glitched and stabbing the air and he is unseen when using bs due to camera angle.

·       Make the “clones” look like him (like wukong`s 1st ability) instead of looking like a hologram.

·       When blade storm is done, Ash doesn’t appear at the same place he started at but instead is teleported in a different location.


When it comes to new warframes, I would like to see another stealth frame since there is not a lot of them, a ghost frame, a robot frame, a genie frame a vampire frame. I don`t know why DE haven’t done this yet but I would love for them to do a warframe contest and the winner will have their frame in the game.

Here is my version of a robot frame


The state of warframe augments

In my opinion augments should be used as a choice for people, an option to use in certain missions however with most augments this is not the case. There are seven types of augments;

·       They make the ability better and if taken off the ability is useless.

·       It`s should be a part of the warframe`s abilities or made into an ability.

·       They change how the ability works and gives players another option.

·       While the augment is good, it`s for the wrong warframe.

·       One is good for only type of mission vs one good for all missions.

·       They do the same thing for different warframes but nothing that stands out.

·       It`s bad/useless overall.

I’m going to go through each point by giving some examples of these augments


Point 1

Ash`s 1st ability augment seeking shuriken

This is very useful because of the armour strip (mainly at high-levels) however the ability by itself is only good for low to mid-level enemies which means Ash`s 1st ability need to be improved.

Here is what I would do to improve this ability;


Point 2:

Valkyr`s 4th ability augment hysterical assault

I like this augment, this makes Valkyr pounce on enemies which makes sense since she has claws and she`s a raging killer. This to me is something that should be an ability for her, I would get rid of her current ability and replace it with this.

This is what I would do to the 1st ability;


Point 3:

Mag`s 3rd ability augment counter pulse

This is an augment I use on mag permanently, this augment jams enemy weapons and disables robotic enemies for a short duration which changes the ability from de-buffing enemies to that plus cc however there are times when and when not to use it. Using this in an interception is great because it stops enemies reaching the terminal though using it in a defence is not a good idea since you want enemies (with guns) to move out of cover and this mod will slow the progress of the mission. So, this is an augment when you have to use in the right situation however you still have the choice.


Point 4:

Inaros` 4th ability augment negation swarm

This augment blocks status effects from affecting Inaros, draining a percentage of bonus armor for every status effect blocked. On paper, this is a very good augment unfortunately, Inaros doesn’t need it due to the fact it`s he has a lot of health and has more than one way to regenerate health. That being said in my opinion, this augment should have been made for Nova. Imagine if this was an augment for Nova`s 1st ability which consumes particles and the particles don`t seek out enemies, this will improve her 1st ability drastically by giving her survivability since she doesn’t have any unlike Inaros.


Point 5:

Ash`s 1st ability augment seeking shuriken VS Trinity`s 2nd ability augment vampire leech

Even through Ash`s augment is useful in high-level missions if you`re playing low level missions, this augment is useless since there is no point in striping armour from weak enemies plus, it only works for enemies with armour. On the other hand, Trinity`s augment gives allies and herself over-shields which is useful no matter what level mission you are playing.


Point 6:

Ash`s seeking shuriken and Banshee`s sonic fracture

Sonic fracture strips 70% armour for 8 seconds… and so does Ash`s augment. Even through both augments are good, there is no difference between the two augments which gives player no reason to pick on over the other. If I were to make a distanced difference between the two I would;

Ash augment – Ash`s shurikens now strip enemies defences by 70% for 8 seconds.

Banshee`s augment – Sonic Boom strips enemy armour and decreases enemy damage by 70% for 8 seconds.

As you can see there is a difference between the two.


Point 7:

Valkyr`a 1st ability augment swing line

This augment makes it to when the next cast while airborne will cost no energy, this is the most useless and pointless augment in the game since receiving parkour 2.0. If I had to make a prediction, I think Valkyr will receive a rework since DE know this augment is bad but they haven`t even made changes to it when they had the chance.

On solution I can think of is whatever the warframe is lacking in, the augment should add to it. (Loki lacks damage so augment gives him that)

If I had to come up with some augment for warframes here is what I would come up with;


Improved: Banshee`s 3rd ability augment – Enemies affected are open to finishers. Each enemy killed by finishers gives banshee and team 100 armour (60% max) for 20 seconds.

New: Titania`s 1st ability augment – Each enemy killed by Titania and allies will either regenerate 60 health or regenerate 10 energy for 5 seconds.

Improved: Inaros` 4th ability augment – A full charge gives Inaros 200% power strength. Power strength and charges will decrease when taking damage.

New: Wisp 1st ability augment – When picked up, Wisp and allies receive 20% damage reduction, (60 max) pods will deal damage to any enemy that steps in its radius. Vitality pod – fire damage, haste pod - toxin damage and shock – electric damage and you can combine them to change damage types.

Improved: Loki`s 3rd ability augment – switching with allies grants them with invulnerability for 6 seconds while switch with enemies will give Loki 500% damage for 10 seconds.

New: Gauss` 2nd ability augment – Enemies attacking Gauss will reflect 700 damage back at them having a 75% chance to receive viral procs.


In order for augment to improve DE need to take these points into consideration.


Melee Stances Improvements



Neutral Combo (melee attack) – nc

Neutral Tactical Combo (block & attack) – ntc

Forward Combo (forward attack) – fc

Forward Tactical Combo (Forward, block & attack) – ftc

Need New Combo – nnc

Simple slash attacks - ssa




Iron Phoenix – ntc nnc

Crimson Dervish – ntc nnc


Dual Swords

Crossing Snake -

Swirling Tiger – ntc nnc




Tranquil Cleaver - stance I don’t like (sidl)

Decicive Judgement –

Blind Justice - vgc


Two-Handed Nikanas

Wise Razor – The three slashes and the end of the stance should be swapped with the jump spin being last in the combo. ntc nnc


Pointed Wind – ntc nnc ftc nnc

Homing fang –  ntc nnc 


Dual Daggers

Gnashing Payara – The nc is too slow and it should be the ntc and the nc nnc

Sinking Talon – nc and nnc nnc

Spinning Needle – The nc needs ssa, the ntc should not leave enemy suspended, the flip it use to have should be at the end of the ftc.



Cyclone Kraken – The first hit in the nc is too slow and should have ssa,



Seismic Palm – The two hits from the fc should swap with the first hit from the nc.

Fracturing Wing – The first two hits in the fc or the multi hits from the ftc should swap with the two hits from the nc making it have a simple punch attack.

Gaia`s Tragedy - The nc should have simple punch attacks



Grim Fury – ntc nnc vgc

Brutal Tide – ntc nnc fc nnc



Gleaming Talon – nc should be the ntc and nc nnc.



Clashing Forest - The nc should be the ntc and the nc nnc with simple bow hits.

Flailing Branch – The nc should be the ntc and the nc nnc with simple bow hits.



Shimmering Blight - ntc nnc with simple hits.

Bleeding Willow – ntc nnc, the fc looks to similar to the nc and nnc.



Reaping Spiral – The nc should be the ntc and nc nnc with ssa. vgc

Stalking Fan – ntc nnc


Heavy Blades

Cleaving Whirlwind – Get rid of stagger from the fc and in add a new hit ant the end. vgc

Tempo Royale – The nc should be the ntc and nc nnc with ssa.



Malicious Raptor – The two hits from the fc should swap places with the multi slashes in the middle of the nc.


Swords and Shields

Final Harbinger – The nc should swap places with the  fc, in the ftc throwing the shield she swap places with the jump spin attack.



Gemini Cross – The first hit is too slow and should be replaces with ssa. 

Sovereign Outcast – At the beginning of the nc, it should have a new combo with simple hits.



Bullet Dance – When aiming and shooting with the ntc, the first enemies it hits should be locked on and keep getting hit even if your not aiming at it coz the way it is now the ntc is cluncky and somewhat unusable however I still like the stance.


Blade and Whips

Defiled Snapdragon – The heavy attack should benefit from reach.


Whips & Warfans

Unfortunately I don’t own these weapons but if their improvement you think they should have, give you feedback.


Exalted weapons

Excalibur – In the last hit of the ntc, decrease the time spent in the animation after the last swing, make the heavy attack send out a wave.


Valkyr – Get rid of the kicks from the fc and replace it with a new combo, make the heavy attack animation look like the animation from first heavy attack from the duel sword combo, when she blocks, make it visually put her arms in a x shape.


Wukong – Put the spinning bow combo (last combo) at the end of the ftc.

At the beginning of the nc add a some new combos with some simple bow hits.

Make the second hit from the ftc lunge you further forward.

There is nothing unique about Wukongs staff so make it to when the combo multi racks up, it will increase the range of the staff.

Make the slam attack have the same visual animation from the last hit in the ntc.


Baruuk – In the nc, make enemies stagger instead of pushing them back.


Now Im going to list the combo stance that are very good and the stance that I don’t like and need to be looked at.

Very good combos

Vengful Revenant

Swooping Falcon

Carving Mantic

Blind Justice

Wise Razor

Grim Fury

Astral Twilight

Twirling Spire

Rendering Crane

Eleventh Storm


Combos I don`t like

Tranquil Cleaver

Gnashing Payara

Gemini Cross



When it comes to nightwave I like how it gives me challenges for me to complete however there is still room for improvement so here is a list of things that can improve it.

·       If there`s a challenge I can`t or don`t want to complete, there is an option to choose scroll to choose a different challenge. For example, you don`t want to do the 3 forma challenge, you have the option to choose either build 3 items from the foundry, rank up 3 mods or rank up an arcane up to 3.

·       Players should be rewarded if you are able to complete all challenges OR if you get the total or over the number of standing. The reward could be more cred, 5000 standing or a double booster for standing from mini boss.

·       The mb should drop 100 standing in normal missions.

·       Cred should be increased to 100.

·       Standing gained should also add to affinity and focus standing.


Much needed rewards

Because of nightwave, there are some item we can no longer get with the nightwave system does not provide. Here are some rewards I feel need to be added to nightwave for players to purchase;

·       Argon crystals – Because you are purchasing them, they should last 1 week. (costs 30 wolf cred for 2)

·       Void traces – Even though you can get them from doing fissure missions, you receive between 6 and 30 (40 if you’re lucky) which means the number you receive from doing them is not consistent. (costs 15 wolf cred for 50)

·       Tellurium - This is a very rare resource that can only be farmed from kuva and Uranus tilesets. (costs 15 wolf cred for 5)

·       Kavat genetic codes – Having to go to the delict just to scan the wild kavats it tedious and it`s all the time you will receive them when scanning them. (costs 10 wolf cred for 5)



Here is some reward I`d like to see come to nightwave;

·       Weapon skins

·       Nightwave stencil

·       Ornaments

·       Operator cosmetics

·       Armour pieces

·       Syandana (similar to syndicates)

·       Operator outfit

·       K-drive

·       Ship skin

·       New warframe and weapon mods

·       New weapons

·       New warframe (wishful thinking)

·       Exclusive warframe skins (all warframes can use)  

·       Exclusive idel animations (all warframes can use) 

·       Nora cosmetics (possibly)


On thing I would like to see from nightwave is for it to get it`s own quest and maybe get to see nora`s Identity.


Game modes

We have lots of different types of game modes however I would like to see same that cater to different playstyles, a game mode where you don`t need to kill all the time, game modes where you are strictly doing that thing. Basically, to make new game modes around their different playstyles.


·        Croud control game mode

·        Stealth game modes

·        Area of effect game mode

·        Team support game mode

·        Warframe and operator tag team game mode

I would be great if the operators had a gamemode of their own where all focus school have a use besides Madurai and Unairu for eidolon hunts Zenurik for everything. Also, DE need to go back to the current game modes they have and rework them.

Here is a gamemode that I came up with for the operators.


Improving existing content

I’ve herd people say this and I agree, this year should focus on improving existing content things like enemy ai to change their behaviour, companions to give commands, conclave to make it appealing, damage 2.0 from enemy damage stealth gameplay and elemental damage, enemy level scaling and more.


Me personally I really like the operators However I feel like they still need more, they have been here since the second dream quest and I think it`s time DE should involve them more in the game. As much as I like the operators there is not a lot of reasons to just use the operators on their own.

Here are some things that I would like to see from operators;


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·        Melee weapons: It would be amazing and fun if operators could fight with void energy weapons like swords, fists, staffs, duel daggers, hammers and more. Think of have fun Naramon would be if they could use them. Also, certain weapons could have a passive depending on focus schools you use it with e.g. naramon + duel daggers = 20% attack speed or vazarin + staff = 250 shields. Since they are weak maybe they won`t take damage if they block with it. Operator weapons could have a built-in stance and have the option to use stance mods from warframe weapons if you want to.

·        Focus tree abilities: There are some abilities that I think are useless, instead of having them all connected make it to where we can choose what we want without disconnecting from other abilities.

·        New movement mechanics: The most used movement for the operators right now is the dash, other than that no one really uses anything else. I feel like they should be able to run faster, jump higher, wall run, fly kick etc like warframes or better yet make them have that dash movement from the chimera prologue and add it into a stealthy game mode. I don`t think the operator`s running speed should be mediocre just for use to depend on an arcane to increase it.

·        More hair styles: Even through DE are currently making some, but I would like to see more ethnic hair styles. (Zari French Braid, Buddha Bun, Dreadlocks)

·        Visual customisation: I would like to see separate body slider to change the length, width and height of the operators. (head, chest, legs)

·        Voices: I would like to see more option of different voices for them or have a slider to manipulate the sound to make it unique to your customised operator.

·        Operators and companions: Companion mods like animal instinct should benefit the operator when in use. It doesn’t make sense that the fetch mod can work on warframes but not operators. I hope DE will see to this in the future.

·        Armour pieces: Just like warframes operators can have armour pieces that works like set mods. There are four pieces; helmet, arms chest and legs, each piece has a stat on them. It could be a possible reward where you receive a blueprint and depending on what resources you use will determine the visual appearance and stats. You can also combine two different resources together to get both stats but less effective than just using one resource and make different visual armour combinations.

Here are some examples;


Argon Crystal armour - Makes you reflect 8000 damage back at enemies

Oxium armour – Gives you 80% running speed.

Combined - Gives you 4000 reflective damage and 40% running speed.

There are three different visual versions of the (argon crystal) armour, adding more of the same resource will change its appearance. The point of this is that you can decide to choose two more appearance options if you don`t like the first look. However, adding more resources to it won`t change the stats.

Operator weapons

Secondly since operators have void abilities, I think operators should be able to use melee weapons. This is something that I and other people have wanted to see happen. So, I’m going to talk about what I would like out of this when this happens.

Usable weapons:


·       Swords

·       Duel swords

·       Rapiers

·       Daggers

·       Duel daggers

·       Glaives

·       Hammers

·       Heavy blades

·       Tonfa

·       Fists

·       Sparring

·       Claws

·       Polearms

·       Staff

·       Whips

Traits of melee weapon;

·       The melee weapons that operators use is made up of void energy that they can summon from within themselves (visually like excel 4th ability).

·       Since it`s pure void energy, they will operator energy colour.

·       Void weapons will work the same way as normal melee weapons. (moding, adding forma, levelling etc)

·       They can also use existing stance mods.

·       blocking incoming damage to give them survivability by giving operators 90% damage reduction.

·       Void damage will be included with the other stats.

·       When attacking an enemy, any bullets that stray near the enemy your attacking will reflect the damage back at the enemy that fired them. (the opposite to bullet attractor)

·       Using void weapons will use the same button as the one using void blast. To use void blast, you have to hold it instead of a press.

·       Operators can only benefit from the operator weapon passive if they have their signature weapon equipped in hand.

·       If the operators have their void melee weapon equipped while transferring into the warframe, the operator will have it equipped still when transferring out.

·       Operator can only preform melee finishers while in void mode.

·       Since this does mostly void damage, they are highly effective against sentient enemies.


You can use any melee weapon with the operators however, using a certain weapon will give bonus stats for the weapon and the operator.



Signature weapons:

Swords, Duel swords, Tonfa, Fists, Sparring & Claws.



Preforming aerial attacks will sent out an energy wave that has a 70% chance for enemies to burst into flames.

Operator receives 70% resistance to status effects.

·       Void melee weapons will benefit from phoenix talons, phoenix spirit and void strike.

·       The energy wave from aerial attacks will benefit from void strike and phoenix spirit

·       If enemies don`t burst into flames from the fire wave, it will do void damage instead.

·       The energy wave will only benefit from void and status damage.

·       The wave can reach up to 10m with an 8m radius.

·       Energy waves has damage fall-off.

·       Affected by Stealth Damage Bonus.

·       Can headshot enemies.



Signature weapons:

Swords, Rapiers, Glaives, Sparring, Polearms, Staff & Whips.



Doing a slide attack will send a cone wave the will hold enemies in the air.

Operator has 500 shields.

·       The cone wave will reach up to 15m with a 180 angle.

·       Enemies will be held in the air for 7 seconds.

·       Preforming another slide attack will not reset the duration of enemies held in the air.

·       There is no limit to how many enemies can be held by this.

·       Using this on sentients will halt their movements and attacks.

·       The colour of the cone wave uses operator energy colour.



Signature weapons:

Swords, Duel swords, Daggers, Duel daggers, Glaives, Sparring & Claws.



While blocking, there`s a 60% chance enemies attacks will be reflected at them, breaking their defences, making them more susceptible to damage.

Operator receives 30% running speed.

·       Void melee weapons will benefit from affinity spike, power spike, void stalker & executing dash.

·       Enemies vulnerable from reflected attacks will be dealt more damage from using surging dash.

·       Reflected attacks will instantly affect the enemies.

·       Reflecting attacks from enemies will cause them to stagger.

·       The stagger will last two seconds.

·       Enemies being weaker to damage cannot stack with multiple uses however then stagger can be used again however, the chance of the proc is reduced to 40%.

·       Affected enemies will have a white mark above them to indicate which enemies are weakened.

·       Warframe and weapon damage can take advantage of this.

·       Using this on sentients will permanently strip them of their invulnerability and can be killed easily.

·       The extra 30% running speed will stack with mind step.



Signature weapons:

Rapiers, Glaives, Hammers, Polearms, Staff & Whips.


Melee weapons have and extra 10m range and each enemy hit will have a 40% chance to be affected by viral with 200% status duration.

Operator health is depleted, the operator will be placed in void mode and will regenerate health.

·       Polearms, staffs and whips will benefit greatly from weapon passive.

·       Signature weapon passive make it to where you can hit multiple enemies with one swing.

·       The operator bonus ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

·       The operator will stay in void mode for three seconds.

·       The operator will regenerate 50 health a second.

·       Void regen and void aegis will activate while in void mode.

·       The health regeneration can scale off on void regen.

·       The cooldown will only reach zero if in operator form.

·       Sentients will also be affected by a viral proc.



Signature weapons:

Hammers, Heavy blades, Tonfa, Fists, Sparring & Polearms.



Slam attacks caused an AOE that enemies to be ragdolls and adds 600 slam damage.

Operator receives 500 armour.

·       Void spines will work when blocking with melee weapon.

·       Melee slam range reaches 12m.

·       Enemies within 12m will receive the full damage of slam attacks.

·       Unairu wisp can increase melee slam damage.

·       Enemies affected by sundering dash will suffer more damage from melee slam damage.

·       Operator bonus armour can scale off on stone skin and basilisk scales.

·       Slam attacks can also halt sentients movement and attacks plus ragdoll them.


Void Rage

Void weapons have a gauge that can be filled up by killing enemies. When this happens, the operator is in a powerful state that increases melee damage, attack speed, 60% damage reduction and amplify weapon bonuses.

·       Void rage will last one minute.

·       Upon activation, operator will scream in rage surrounded by an aura (operator`s energy colour)


Amplified bonuses:


Aerial attacks will ignite into flames instantly, reach up to 20m and will release three energy waves.



Held enemies are affected by radiation and enemies shooting enemies held up will have their shots reflected at them.



Enemies with a mark will be affected by gas damage and preforming an aerial attack will zip the operator towards enemies within 20m.



Melee weapon range is increased to 15m and can hit through obstacles and walls.



Slam attack AOE range reaches 20m and affected enemies receive 30% reduced movement speed for 10 seconds.


I also think that are some problems when using the operators plus somethings that could improve them as well so there needs to be some QOL/bugs/changes/improvements for them.


·       There is a delay between pressing the button and operator crouching.

·       Companion mods like animal instinct should work while in operator form not just warframes.

·       Two arcans can be installed on amps.

·       Include a b c slots for amps to give option to change amps, it`s colour equip arcanes and lenses.

·       Operators can ride on K-drives.

·       Have the option to individually activate/deactivate focus tree abilities you want without disconnecting other abilities.

·       In kuva missions, when you use void blast, you are in 1st person perspective and you can`t control you operator properly.

·       You can change operator visuals, focus trees and amps while in the simulacrum.

·       Add an in-depth face customisation (nose length, eye width etc) and separate body sliders to change the length, width and height of the operators.

·       Add different voices for operators (from different ethnicities) and have a slider to manipulate the sound to make it unique to your operator.

·       Sentinel are invulnerable while you`re in operator mode.

·       If you have vacuum mod on your sentinel or companion and you are in your operator form, the operator should be able to pick up items.

You should be able to use operators in the relays.


The kuva lich system

Here are some ideas that I think can improve the kuva lich system.



·       If you attack enemies with your melee weapon when the parazon symbol appears above enemies, they are invulnerable for 1 second so that you get a chance to perform a mercy kill on it instead of missing your chance because enemies die too quickly.

·       Increase the speed of grineer hacking terminals.

·       Increase the speed of mercy kill finisher animation.


Meeting Larvling

·       The larvling can appear on syndicate missions.

·       The lich will carry the weapon that you can take from it when you kill them. (which will greatly reduce the grind)

·       The larvling will have an ephemera on them.


Lich influence

·       There is a location with a mark that shows that the lich will have a 100% chance to spawn on that location.

·       Defeating the lich will give double the resources that was stolen from you.


Finding Clues

·       The thralls can appear in syndicate missions.

·       There is a special thrall (that is highlighted yellow) that will run away when it spots you. When it spots you a timer will start if you fail to stop it from escaping, it will disappear however if you capture it you will be presented with two choices; you can either kill it which will give you five extra requiem murmurs (clues) or you can capture it with the operator which will reveal one strength and one weakness of the lich.

·       There is a chance that you will meet these thralls up to three times before you figure out the clue to kill the lich.

·       These thralls will have a 30% chance to drop 1,300 kuva or two requiem relics.

·       They have a 50% chance to spawn on kuva fissure missions whether you find all the clues or not which on capture will reward you with 100 void traces killed or captured.

Random examples of strengths and weaknesses


·       Immune to primary weapon attacks.

·       Immune to cc warframe powers

·       Increase movement speed.

·       Does viral attacks.



·       Scared of kubros & kavats

·       Weak to operator attacks.

·       Can be opened up to finishers.

·       Easily knocked down.


Unique kuvalichs

As mini bosses they need to differ from other bosses when it comes to their fighting behaviour.

Different behaviours

·       The ability to summon companions

·       A roar that can increase enemies` movement speed.

·       Able to perform dodge manoeuvres.

·       Berserker mode when damaged.

·       They will let you know when you attack them that they are resistant to or weak against.

·       If you try to attack it with its weakness but you failed to defeat it, they will remember what you did and mention it the next time they sent you a massage.

·       On the third health bar, they go berserk by moving faster and changing their behaviour.


Convert and Vanquish

Me personally I don`t think it’s rewarding enough for the amount of grind it has when it comes to the choice to either vanquish or convert, so I’m going to give points on some ideas to improve the rewards you can receive.



The only thing you get from killing a lich is a weapon but what if you got all the weapons already or (like me) you only want 4 out of the 13 weapons and don`t care about the ephemeras (since you mostly can`t see it) there needs to be something you can receive that will be worth the time. Here are some ideas of some rewards;

·       More weapons. (new weapons)

·       7,000 kuva.

·       If the lich is wearing a syandana, you will also get it as well. (this also can be seen on the larvling) It will come in a form of a blueprint so you have the option it you want it or not

·       200 void traces.



I don`t think this is a big deal for the fact that there is no difference between them and a spectre besides looks, their need to have something that separates them from a spectre something unique, a reason for you to want to convert them. Here are some ideas of what they should do and what perks you can get if you decide to convert them.

·       You will receive a transmission from the converted lich offering aid and you get to choose if you want it to join you in missions or not or not.

·       If they are wearing part of an armour set or a sigil, they offer it to you as a reward. (rare)

·       They will give you 500 void traces.

·       5 riven slivers.

·       You will receive two refined requiem relics.

·       When accompanying you in missions they should give you a buff, here are some examples;

-        You receive an extra 30% strength, duration or range on abilities.

-        20% running speed.

-        Infinite ammo.

-        Immunity to knockdowns.

-        40% damage reduction.

-        50 (over) shields on enemy kills.

-        Fire damage on weapons and abilities.

-        X2 resource and affinity booster. If they decide for them to join you in a kuva fissure or a normal fissure mission, you will get this automatically.

·       The lich will give you two buffs.

·       They should use all of the abilities they have. (teleport, ice wave)

·       They have the ability to instantly revive you.

·       If a lich is after you, you allied lich will have a 20% chance of revealing to you what requiem mod you need to defeat the lich.

·       You have the option for them to stay in one spot or to follow you.


Kuva weapons

·       Depending on what planets you go to will determine what weapons you have a chance of getting.  (brakk, drakgoon, stubba found on Uranus ogris, karak, kohm found on Earth)

·       Each time you are defeated by your lich, all weapons stats will increase by +2 points. (-1 for reload)

·       You can go beyond level 5 if you add a special mod on the parazon that makes it to where you cannot kill the lich and it will continue to level up by difficulty and the weapon bonus will scale.

·       Formaring you weapon will give you an extra 2 points of space. and increase the status damage by +5.

·       Have the option to change the name of the weapon.

·       If you get a duplicate weapon that you have and you decide to combine it with the weapon you already have, you have the option to combine the elemental stats together.



Another add-on to the kuva lich system

After defeating 3 liches, you will receive a message from the main boss. In any of the locations where the boss has influence, you will have to seek out three thralls for the coordinates to the location of its ship which you will have to use your railjack to reach him.

First you will have to defeat the enemy fleet attacking you then when you board the bosses ship the mission will either be an exterminate, sabotage or spy. In these missions, you will also have to search for thralls (using the codex scanner) to figure out the combination to defeat the boss, there is also an option to free some prisoners that will fight for you. In the sabotage mission, you have to destroying the ship by finding its power source while spy missions are you stealing information on the boss’s weaknesses to exploit. 

If you fail to defeat the main boss, it will level up increasing the difficulty however if you defeat it you will receive;


·       30,000 kuva.

·       1,000 void traces.

·       One of each refined requiem relics.

·       A unique weapon he is using.

·       5 forma.

·       10 riven slivers.

New unique rewards – Para forma and Kuva forma

When equipping the para forma on a weapon, it gives you the ability to have more mod space without having to level up whatever you put it on.

The kuvaforma gives you increased mod space with the bonus of enhancing your kuva weapon, increasing the weapon`s damage stats by 7%. They can be done up to three times to maximise its stats.


If these ideas were to be implemented, I feel that it will drastically improve this game mode for the better.


Addressing DE


Even through DE have made a great game, there are somethings that they do that I dislike.

Issues that needs to be addressed;


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·        Read all peoples feedback. Yes, there are times where you do listen but there are other times people say things that makes 100% sense or is a fact, but you still won’t listen e.g. I saw someone talking about disliking Nezha`s 3rd ability ring for goes through his head and feed instead of over (which I agree with) and this had been there for years and you still won`t fix this.

·        When you come up with new game modes stop leaving them on the back burner and not re-visiting them. If you continue to do this other game developers will take your idea and make them better leaving you in the dust.

·        When it comes to doing reworks and re-visits for warframesask us first. You have a habit of developing warframe abilities and reworks/re-visits ask use for feedback and don’t change a thing. There is no point for use to give feedback if you do this.

·        DE Pabalo is the only one that understands the warframes problems and making progress with making them better. Let him be in charge of warframe abilities or learn from him or better yet, play the game.

·        On the devstreams, you need to take it a little more seriously. When you make a joke that takes you off topic and it takes you 30 seconds to get back on topic, that’s time you could be using to get all you need to talk about out of the way instead of saying you don`t have time so we will show it next week. If your going to joke around, do it at the end.

·        This game is grindy is it is, stop being stingy with the rewards we receive or the time it takes to get them.

·        Stop having double standers for different players. What aggp did at that public event was embarrassing, disgusting and un-called for. If a man was talking like that but about a woman, you would not let that slide.

·        I’m not saying that you can`t make content for new players but you need to start to make content for vets and long-time players. For vets they have a cycle; play the game, leave for months on end, comeback for the update, repeat. If you don`t address this its only going to go downhill for you.

·        If you agree with someone’s feedback and plan to use it, don`t respond to that person publicly. There are other people that will see this and be irritated that their idea wasn’t chosen. (DE Rebecca I’m looking at you)

·        As long as the person is not breaking terms and conditions, don`t try to silence someone just because a player voices a negative opinion of you or voice something that is true. Simply address the person or ignore it. You do anything that’s unjust to a player, that player is just going to expose your wrong doings.

·        You need to take a second look at some of the mods you have on the forums. Some of the are abusing the role they have. I had one of my posts taken down just for explaining why a warframes re-vist is bad and my solution to the problems, no rudeness, no bad language none of that. If there are not going to be fair and get emotions over a comment or a post, they don`t need to be mods and I’m sure I am not the only one that had some issues with them.

·        When you notice a glitch or an inconvenience in the game, you need to fix it asap. You put a light in the tunnel in one of the spy sections on earth, (which no one had an issue with) but the glitch with melee weapons using the nikana finisher animations and you know it`s there, (the glitch was shown on the dev stream) you don`t fix it. Make that make sence.

The community


For the most part there are some people that do the community some good however there are also some people that make it bad also. This part will be the “if the shoe fits” deal.

How to be constructive in this community;


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·        Criticize this game yes you can do that, remember if you hated this game you wouldn’t be playing it. DE need this so that they can improve this game just make sure it`s constructive and no language is being used.

·        If someone gives an opinion that you disagree with either ignore it or just say you don`t agree with it and why.

·        If some give constructive feedback don`t cuss them out or shutting them down because you don’t approve, you have a better idea voice it.

·        Stop being in your feelings. logic first emotions second.

·        Stop disagreeing with no reasoning or feedback it`s not helpful.

·        Stop praising DE when it`s not needed.

·        Stop being fanboys/fangirls. If something is a problem say it, if there is a warframe you like but has bad abilities voice it. People like this have no logic and is making this game a problem.

·        Be fair, no double standers e.g. if you complain that ash`s 4th ability is not interactive then also complain that banshee`s 4th is also not interactive.

·        Stop asking for nerfs with no constructive reasoning behind it. Idiots that do this is the reason why ash and embers 4th abilities are not up to scratch.

·        If people have some good ideas and feedback praise them.

Here is an example of an unpopular opinion.


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Things wrong with Ash`s bladestorm


·        He can`t use bs in a team because other players kill the marked targets e.g ember, mirage with simulor, banshee etc.

·        The animation is shown for every enemy marked red. One enemy mark = 1 sec 30 enemies marked = 30 secs which means bs is too long. Before ash`s clones killed with him shortening bs`s animation now 1st mark is him doing it which makes bs way too long.

·        Activating bs is slow because of the two stages.

·        When using bs without a melee weapon is even slower to use before the change.

·        It`s harder to activate bs on a controller than on PC.

·        One enemy mark = 15 energy being invisible = 10 firstly it`s energy consuming and secondly what’s the point of watching the animation if I can`t see myself pulling off sick moves.

·        Weapons can kill better than him e.g syndicate procs (which for a damage dealingwarframe is VERY BAD)

·        He can`t kill in a AOE anymore (can`t kill enemies behind walls) like embers 4th ability, banchee`s 4th etc.

·        Because enemy bodies disappear when ash uses bs nekros can`t desecrate the bodies.

Bladestorm improvements;


·       When activating the ability, it will start instantly.

·       Pressing the ability will bring you into the animation, holding the ability will send clones out to kill instead of you. If you are in the animation, you can press it again to deactivate the ability.

·       Enemies that are red can be killed by players.

·       Make bs able to kill as many enemies that are within the radius of the enemy he`s aiming at.

·       The number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs are shown.




·       If you use any ability while you`re invisible, enemy bodies will disappear.


Here are examples of youtubers voicing their opinions.





The Reaper Hunter



Life of Rio



Mogamu (skip to 10:00)




Since DE talked about looking at the main six syndicates, I would like to add to that by giving some ideas I have for the syndicates;



·       Instead of the lotus taking to you in missions, the leaders of the syndicates it talking to you instead.

·       Some enemies of the syndicate could appear (like the emissary enemies or enemies in the harrow quest) to defeat you, it you defeat them they will drop a medallion and give you some extra standing. (maybe a new reward)

·       When you complete all three syndicate missions there is a bonus mission where you have to assassinate a boss (or mini boss) that’s the enemy of that syndicate and when completed, you will get bonus standing and some unique rewards. This could somewhat relate to the kuva lich system. (nemesis system)

·       Operators can also be used to assist in defeating the boss.

·       Each syndicate operatives can revive you once per mission.

·       In the void, there is a treasure room when sometime will have a medallion in but you can`t get access to it because the doors won’t open. Either make the doors open every time or don’t put medallions in that area.

·       In the larger tilesets (the void, Earth, Uranus) finding the medallions are tedious and time consuming. A suggestion would be to put the medallions in close proximity to each other so players won`t have to run across the whole map to find them.

·       Instead of showing the medallions on the map as a treasure, show it as a medallion so players can identify them on the map.

·       Add one universal medallion in each mission.

·       Make medallions appear in defence and interception missions will 8 in the tileset.


Syndicate Items

At tennocon,DE said that they were going to add some new items to the main six syndicates. Here are some things I would like to see from them;


When it comes to new items, there hasn’t been any besides warframe mods.

Items I would like to see with the syndicates;

·       Warframe armour pieces with a perk.

·       More weapon mods

·       Stance mods

·       Weapon skins

·       K-drives cosmetics

·       Ship skins

·       Syndicate exclusive operator cosmetics (outfits)


I would like to see a syndicate that is based around the operators only where there are operator exclusive missions and using a regalia on them in random missions to gain standing. 

Operator reward offerings:

·       Operator melee weapons

·       Operator armour with perks

·       Amps/skins

·       Stance mods

·       Arcanes

·       Hairstyles

·       Operator exclusive regalias


I think that there should not be a cap tied to your mastery rank of how much standing you get in a day. If people want to keep on getting standing, they should be able to do so.

I like that the syndicates have been in quests, steel meridian have been involved in a tactical alert and the arbiters have their own game mode However, steel meridian and the arbiters haven’t had their own quests yet and I would like to see more of the syndicates in the game.


Worthwhile rewards


Most of the time people do a mission to get the rewards because of how grindy this game is. I pretty much will only do a mission if I get something out of it and I`m sure it`s like that for most people. However, I feel like DE is being stingy on their rewards and how much of it you can get, ontop of that WE DON`T NEED ENDO AND CREDITS IN THE REWARD TABLES ANYMORE. We have arbitrations that give high endo and we have index that gives lodes of credits we literally don’t need reward tables have credits and endo anymore.

Rewards we actually want in the reward drop table;


  Hide contents

·        Built forma

·        Multi argon crystals (lasts twice as long)

·        Multi nitains

·        Multi tellurium

·        Void traces (I don`t know why they got rid of it from the poe drop table, but it was a good reward to receive)

·        Kuva

·        Boosters

·        Multi catalysts and reactors

II think we need some sort of duration-based rewards similar to boosters to make use keep us going back.

One thing I can say, DE did good with the reward layout in arbitrations, even if you don`t want the wave completion rewards at least you get vitus essence from the number of waves you complete which you don`t feel anyone`s time was wasted.


Unique Weapons


There is a lot of weapons in this game and they have interesting abilities, but I would like to see DE develop more unique weapons. I’m not talking about weapons with a secondary fire or melee weapons with a perform an action and receive a buff ability (even though they are unique), I’m talking about weapons outside of those things.

Examples of this are the dark split-sword where you can use either use duel sword stances or heavy blade stances and the gaza machete that has synergy with djinn which can give corrosive to each other.

DE can take examples of hybrid weapons from RWBY, they have a wide range of hybrid weapons or the 10 commandments sword in rave master.

Here are some random examples of unique/hybrid weapons I would like to see in the game.


  Hide contents

·        A bow that can split in to duel swords.

·        Fist weapons that can shoot.

·        A staff that can split into num-chuks.

·        Axes that can split into duel axes.

·        Duel swords where each one has a different elemental type.

·        Boot weapons that give movement speed. (new weapon idea)

If DE focuses on these things, it will be a step in the right direction. If there is something, I missed or specific topic you want to talk about, put them down.

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I won't criticize your concept of Titania too much, because it will actually make her useful. But the problem is that she will remain one trick pony that has no other way to play. And this is the reason why players will just quit playing her after a long period of time. She needs unique mechanics, not mindless spam. I feel like you're trying to improve the alpha version of the abilities, but it still remains the alpha version. We need a beta version. The problem is not how much the abilities do, the problem is what mechanics these abilities have.


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23 hours ago, zhellon said:

I won't criticize your concept of Titania too much, because it will actually make her useful. But the problem is that she will remain one trick pony that has no other way to play. And this is the reason why players will just quit playing her after a long period of time. She needs unique mechanics, not mindless spam. I feel like you're trying to improve the alpha version of the abilities, but it still remains the alpha version. We need a beta version. The problem is not how much the abilities do, the problem is what mechanics these abilities have.


Your right I am improving her abilities. Me personally I like her abilities I just think they need to be better also it sounds like you don`t like a frame that is a one trick pony if that's the case, then how do you feel about Ash?

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3 минуты назад, (PS4)Vexx757 сказал:
Your right I am improving her abilities. Me personally I like her abilities I just think they need to be better also it sounds like you don`t like a frame that is a one trick pony if that's the case, then how do you feel about Ash?

I don't play ash very much, because I don't really like the style of a stealth killer. All I know is that it's effective as an invisible frame, effective at finishing off blows, effective in its nuck 4. Similarly, augment makes effective 1. And it can be a support, extending invisibility to allies. Ash has no mechanics, but his abilities are tactical. This is the kind of frame that I wouldn't edit much, just adding a couple of dependencies to the abilities.

What do I think of your proposal for ash? 1 ability - you need a hidden multiplier against targets that are not alarmed or sleep. Also, you need to proc slash was also considered for the stealth kill. Otherwise, it can play a cruel joke. 2 ability-let this sleep enemies or stun is considered as sleep. This has a very significant benefit. 3 ability - I don't know if you like it that way, so be it. 4 ability - most likely it can add energy drain. I would like to avoid this because energy drain will make the ability worse than it is now in terms of usage. But it might work if you don't use it all the time. I wouldn't change the mechanics. Just make the clones attack the marked enemies until the enemies die and reduce the damage (or increase the cost of the mark) to compensate. Plus, it would be possible to add a generator of aggression in the clones, which makes sense in the missions of defense and is helpful for the allies.


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It is cool you have a long post with some will thought suggestions.

Couple of comments:

Banshee changes would not make change much.

The changes you are doing to Valkyr will make her a S#&$ frame. Much worse off in every conceivable way.

Obliviously, much more needs to be added to frames and augments. Balance is completely off for the most part.

For the lich system, some changes are needed to reduce the RNG in terms of progress. It could vary from 45 minutes to 4 hours. This is way out of whack. It needs to be standardized. Thralls need to be more difficult and engaging. We need to introduce the system to Corpus (ammalghams!).

I do not think operators need any work or missions. Just refine some of the schools.

Arbitrations needs more rewards. Currently, it is only Kuva and Endo. Becomes useless after a while. Adding more arcanes (that are useful) would be a good. 

NW, as you mentioned, needs more rewards. 

As you also mentioned, we need something to do with Endo. It is extremely important resource... until you are decked. Then it becomes kinda obsolete. And Arbitrations feed you way more endo than you ever need. There needs to be an outlet for it. 


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As a Titania main with 1,8k hours in the game, almost 50% spent with the Fairy Queen, I'm so here for your ideas! However a 75% buff would turn her pretty much unkillable. With Aerodynamic + aviator, Queen Titania would receive a whole 91% damage reduction. You might say "well, Miss Gara has 90% and Miss Mesa has 95%" and, yes, you are right, but they don't have 87.5% evasion, which Titania would have with Dust on Razorwing mode.

You might also say "well, Inaros, Rhino, Wukong and Nezha couldn't care about damage also". Yes, but they don't have the best exalted weapons and mobility in the game...and anyone that thinks Titania doesn't have these is completely delusional. The level of power creep Titania would achieve would be tremendous. 

Also, your analysis fails to take new players in mind. Sure, we veterans have enough Endo and credits for years, but that's we, veterans, with 1k+ hours on the game. Damn, I haven't maxed some very important mods yet because it would break many of my builds and I will need to dedicate some time to forma my frames and weapons. 2 of my umbral mods aren't maxed because I'm wait for Titania Prime so I can put all my 3 Umbra Formas on her. You can't take ways to farm these resources away from new players or you will create an even bigger gap between veterans and novices. A gap that would be borderline impossible to cross. And OMG, don't touch my relics! We should receive more of these damn things and you want to remove 'em? Girl....

Finally, you have to remind that Warframe is a free to play game and DE has to make money someway. Some of the changes you are suggesting would make achieving some goals simply too easy or straightforward. Trust me, I need more Orokin catalysts/reactors/forma as much as the next guy, but if you trivialize how to get them you simply kick DE in the finances hehe. Also, I don't know how much would it affect the player's long run and how we get attached to game.

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1 час назад, (NSW)Bayodrake сказал:

I can put all my 3 Umbra Formas

But Titania has no armor. Do you really want to invest one Umbra shape to get a little strength and health? Maybe just add a more strength?

On the other hand, I don't see the point of building in strength right now. 100% strength, Dexteria in damage without increasing attack speed and put razorwing blitz. +100% speed does not interfere with the game, and + 100% firerate gives an increase in DPS twice. In fact, you don't need Umbra forms at all right now. Maybe everything will change if Titania gets rework or once again falls to the bottom. But now strength is meaningless. (Except for those facts when you want to brag about broken damage statistics.)

But 65 armor. It's literally almost nothing.

1 час назад, (NSW)Bayodrake сказал:
You might also say "well, Inaros, Rhino, Wukong and Nezha couldn't care about damage also". Yes, but they don't have the best exalted weapons and mobility in the game...and anyone that thinks Titania doesn't have these is completely delusional. The level of power creep Titania would achieve would be tremendous.

I can say that Titania has a lot of problems that interfere with the game as a whole. It's not about the power of the Dex Pixia, because I can take a regular Op weapon and be better by default than Titania with 200% strength. Yes, Dex Pixia has high DIRECT damage, but sniper rifles have more DPS, and AoE status weapons are better for mobbing. Dex Pixia in any case loses to the fact that I can just choose a weapon according to the situation. Divata is just a whole misunderstanding.

The first problem is that you have a lot of damage, but this damage is at the level of effectiveness of conventional weapons. Big numbers, little real efficiency.

About mobility, Yes, Titania has excellent mobility. But Wukong has the best mobility in the game too. And I can have better mobility in the game on Wisp, if I want to implement it, though it will be a little more difficult.



You understand. This is just a defeat for Titania. Mind you, I didn't even use 1 ability, which will increase my DPS by 3 times, just because my clone exists.

Like I said, I don't need big DPS and powercreep. I only need razorwing with normal weapons without energy drain and good support abilities. Dex pixia-let it be on a separate button. I don't mind abilities that are useless most of the time, but can be useful. I just need mechanics that will allow me to be better in razorwing mechanics and be better in the team.


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I really don't understand your point about removing relics from the drop tables, it doesn't make sense for "merchant" players like me who are always grinding and farming relics to trade the prime parts.

Sure, maybe you've got cash to spare for plat but like me, there are players that actually enjoy trading as an activity in this game.

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20 hours ago, (PS4)thegarada said:

Banshee changes would not make change much.

The changes you are doing to Valkyr will make her a frame. Much worse off in every conceivable way.

For the lich system, some changes are needed to reduce the RNG in terms of progress. It could vary from 45 minutes to 4 hours. This is way out of whack. It needs to be standardized. Thralls need to be more difficult and engaging. We need to introduce the system to Corpus (ammalghams!).

For the Banchee and Valkyr changes can you explain what you mean? and what do you think of my ideas for the kuva system?

16 hours ago, (NSW)Bayodrake said:

As a Titania main with 1,8k hours in the game, almost 50% spent with the Fairy Queen, I'm so here for your ideas! However a 75% buff would turn her pretty much unkillable.

You do have a point here about her DR, these ideas were written before the changes to her. So since you are a Titania main what would you suggest about that?

13 hours ago, (PS4)xBellikx said:

I really don't understand your point about removing relics from the drop tables, it doesn't make sense for "merchant" players like me who are always grinding and farming relics to trade the prime parts.

I`ll be honest some of this is copy an past of what I`ve written last year so to update my opinion on it I don`t think they should be removed from drop tables but I think they should give you either radiant relics or also add void traces to the drop table since they are a grind to get.

13 hours ago, (PS4)IndianChiefJeff said:

Someone else who cares about the faction syndicates? Sign me up! I personally believe Arch-weapon parts can be phased out in exchange for syndicate-specific Arch-weaponry, while the previous weapons can be outright buildable through marketplace BPs. I'd also be up for sigil glyphs to slap on my Railjack.

Ok since you enjoy doing syndicate missions what do you think of my ideas for it? also since DE is adding archwing parts and they are going to add more rewards to syndicates, it`s possible that they might do that.

Edited by (PS4)Vexx757
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Buff Baruuk, Rework zephyr. Baruuk's 4 is weak..my tekko prime takes down a level 110 heavy gunner in 4 hits....Serene storm takes one down in 47 hits...a base weapon is stronger than an exalted weapon i put great time in to to even use it by lowering restraint...

Edited by Demqnboii
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People put a lot of work, time and forma into their frames to Force them to change feels like WoW yearly changes and tBH Frack that I walked away from WoW.  And in a game where you can pay then it should Absolutely be a rare mandatory change.  Just came back and as my name implies I like fire... and bit annoyed at how my Ember Prime is rolling...

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Am 5.1.2020 um 15:24 schrieb (PS4)Vexx757:

@ES-Flinter Since you have seen this post, do you have an opinion of any i said in this or about the future of this game?

How was you able to see it? But if you ask. I will keep it short (maybe I will add a bit later).

Am 1.1.2020 um 15:26 schrieb (PS4)Vexx757:


Even through ppl say that he is in a good place, he is not. Iv`e been saying for years that his bs was a prob since they showed it on the dev stream even the youtuber life of rio thinks his bs is a problem and that someone that is his main frame, It`s just funny now ppl are just realising how much of a prob bs really is. Ppl keep arguing saying that his damage is good but that's not my issue my issue is how slow his activation speed and that he has no use to the team and other problems on top of that plus his other abilities could be way better that it is. So if I were to improve all his abilities, here is what I would do.

I think I don't have to mention, that I agree with you, that he need a big change. I won't say anything about your concept, because I already did it in your original Ash thread and I couldn't find any differnces.

Am 1.1.2020 um 15:26 schrieb (PS4)Vexx757:


In my eyes Nightwaves is right now to 99% perfect. Maybe a few changes for the missions, but with the rest I'm okay with. (Before someone judges me. My playtime is around 8h/ week. And I still have enough time to do what i want to do and to get to nightwave rank 30.)


And about my wishes.

  • A pay option, where I have to pay around 70€/ year, but for that I don't have any research, smith and others timers anymore. A few extras like 100 free pt per month would also be very nice. So theoretically "buying" the game.
  • One giant with the technocyte infected corrupted dragon as an boss enemy. I can't take the sentients seriously. The remember me on the bone koopas from the mario games.
  • A Conclave rework. Otherwise we will probably never get a endgame.


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vor 5 Stunden schrieb (PS4)Vexx757:

How would you feel if DE added k-drives to conclave, similar gameplay to Mario karts?

And next they should add a party and minigane mode like in mario party?

No. If I want to loose my friends I woild play Mario kart. But Warframe is a game, where I want to play in a team with others, while doing space-wizard-ninja stuff.

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In no particular order:

While I've been dabbling in other games I notice that many of them that have a tiered "play the game for rewards" system actually let you do just that. Nightwave in comparison seems arduous, slapping additional chores into the game when you would really rather be doing something else, just to allow you to make any progress towards things the game makes you think you should have. I found this eventually created the opposite reaction, and I stopped participating in Nightwave altogether.

Our damage system and armor scaling are still fundamentally broken. I don't know if we can even try to reasonably fix it at this point. The players are so used to having absurd amounts of power that reeling it in to make everything manageable would just feel like punishment.

Tailing on that; the new player experience will never feel quite right until that amount of power is scaled back so that there isn't such a huge mountain you feel you need to climb just to be competently playing with veterans, even if they do make a tutorial/early game that sort of feels good.

Tailing again, mod system, as well as many other systems, are absolutely littered with useless garbage that doesn't need to be there. Mod pool is still 80-90% stuff that is either completely niche or just never gets used. "Necessary" mods are a stupid thing to have because it stops being a "modding" system; nothing else to say about that. Get rid of mandatory mods, filter the stats into frames, weapons, etc, and properly balance things accordingly. They mentioned eventually getting rid of things like Serration YEARS ago, and we still are nowhere close to achieving something like that as far as the playerbase knows.

There are still way too many frames who need QOL updates, or reworks.

We have too many areas that feel isolated, and Railjack made it worse, on top of it just being a huge mess.

Either take conclave seriously, or remove it. It's a misleading waste of space as is. It barely counts as content because nobody has any incentive to play.

I could go on, but I'm tired, so basically: polish, refine, polish, refine, polish some more. This game will die if that doesn't happen; doesn't matter how much new content they churn out. There is so much *already* in place that could be enhanced, made deeper, and rounded out.

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vor 1 Stunde schrieb Leuca:

I could go on, but I'm tired, so basically: polish, refine, polish, refine, polish some more. This game will die if that doesn't happen; doesn't matter how much new content they churn out. There is so much *already* in place that could be enhanced, made deeper, and rounded out.

Allow me to correct you, please. Think, polish,refine, think more, polish, refine, think even more, polish some more.^^


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I'm a little late to this, but I read your entire post. Some things that stand out to me:


Your idea for a Banshee revisit sounds awesome. I've always seen her as a stealth frame, and I think taking that idea and incorporating her sound theme is brilliant (and how it should've been to begin with.) Same thing with your ideas for Ash, for the most part. The numbers and specifics would need testing and tweaking, but overall sounds pretty cool. I especially like that you related them to stealth games. QOL stuff like being able to see the range and the targets of your teleport should already be in the game. Good suggestion.

I am not a fan of your idea for Valkyr, but I agree that she needs to be looked at. Loki also needs to be looked at. He is a victim of time.

I'd like to also add: Currently in Warframe, there are 4 stats on your frame that affect how powerful an ability is. (With exceptions, such as exalted blade or bladestorm, which incorporate melee stats aswell.) We have duration, efficiency, range, and strength. In a perfectly balanced game, the corrupted mods would be awesome. Choosing to decrease one stat over another, forcing the player into a situation where they need to use smart thinking and good decisions to create a build with certain strengths and weaknesses. If done correctly, very powerful.

Currently, there are frames where one or more of these stats don't matter. Nova: Tanking range is actually a good thing. Having more range only benefits the explosion radius of molecular prime, and her wormhole distance. Both things that don't matter that much, since she has an exilus augment to gain speed after using a wormhole and a powerful survivability augment for her molecular prime. No frame should be encouraged to tank a stat. All builds should be engineered to make decisions whether you want super high range, or do more damage, or cost less. They should not ignore a stat. 

A good example of this system working properly is Mag. Hear me out on this one. I have more than 30% total playtime with Mag prime, and I have experimented with a lot of different builds, mostly low duration builds. Having low duration means the magnetize bubble collapses quicker (A good thing, because the blast from the bubble collapse actually does more than the piss bubble -this in itself is a problem, because clearly the magnetize bubble was not designed to be used with low duration, but ironically is better with low duration) but also means you can't utilize her augments and her polarize ability very well. This is awesome. If I choose to play with low duration, I am getting a better bubble, but at the cost of my other abilities. This is how it should be. I shouldn't be able to tank a stat and have no consequences, like a lot of frames currently suffer from.


Your comments on augments are completely correct and it has always bugged me. However at this state of the game, there would be no feasible way to convert all of the augments into consistent mods. Some of them are optional, some of them plainly make your abilities stronger, and some of them completely change the ability, as you've stated. I don't think there's a way around this, but the least DE can do is revisit the really awful ones with no place in the game. I somewhat understand why DE made the decision to keep some augments as augments, and not baseline, some of these things are very strong and should stay as augments. (Such as recasting Rhino's armor.) But some are baffling as to why they're still not baseline. (Mag needing an augment to collapse her bubble. This is stupid. DE please let me collapse my bubble. It actually hinders teammates.)


I don't think the melee stances should be changed. I think they are in a relatively good spot right now, and some people like certain ones while others don't. It's mainly a preference thing.

I don't think you touched on this, but I could be wrong. Currently, some frames have an extra equip region in their arsenal. (Excalibur's Exalted blade, Mesa's peacemakers, etc.) Others don't. (Khora's whipclaw, Atlas' fists.) We need consistency. I shouldn't have to go on a wiki to figure out how Khora's whipclaw works. And I shouldn't need a "statstick" to use a frame properly. Everyone with a magical ability weapon should have an arsenal slot for it where I can mod it.


I actually don't have a problem with Nightwave currently. The repeating one-time-only rewards are obnoxious though. I should get creds instead of another Wolf armor that I can't use anyway.


I actually think that Disruption is currently the best gamemode in Warframe.

You can pick any frame, and they will be useful in the mission. Bringing a crowd control frame? That'll help immensely for getting keys and for keeping the hordes of enemies at bay. Bringing a DPS frame? That'll surely help against the minibosses that carry the bombs. Bringing a support/defensive frame? You'll be great for assisting your teammates who can now mod for abilities instead of survivability and efficiency. Bringing a tanky frame? (Yeah I got nothing for this one, but to be fair, tanky frames don't bring anything to the table in other gamemodes either other than an easier, relaxed time for the player themselves)

Disruption rewards good play. If you defend conduits properly, you can earn rewards faster than any other gamemode. The rewards actually skip A rotation if you're skilled enough. This type of balance is awesome and absent from a lot of areas of the game.

Disruption keeps you on your toes, and stays interesting (to a degree.) Having randomized modifiers applied to yourself or the enemies every conduit is great. This is an example of good rng that makes it less boring to complete conduit after conduit. Some nodes even have specialized modifiers. Lua has moonquakes, Jupiter has Amalgams. This is awesome.

My only real gripes with Disruption are the nodes on Neptune and Kuva Fortress.They have a lot to be desired, with how low the earnings are compared to other gamemodes. But I like that we were given a choice. 

DE, we need more gamemodes designed like Disruption. Gameplay designed around the idea that every frame archetype is useful. Gameplay that feels rewarding based on skill and game knowledge. Sprinkled with rng mechanics that makes the gameplay feel fun and random, and not just frustrating.

Kuva Lich System

I've suggested my own fair share of Kuva Lich stuff, and I've read a lot of other suggestions already. The entire thing needs an overhaul to be fun. I won't hold out for one, though. They've said that any changes in the future won't be bending the original design. The original design is just too far from anything resembling a nemesis system. I'm just hoping that when they are incorporated into Railjack, that they become more fun.



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5 hours ago, EmailSoup said:


Thanks for taking the time to read most of this, now I will do the same and reply to some of you comments.


I`m someone that like playing stealth (even through I`m not good at it) and even through banshee can`t turn invisible is at her core a stealth frame and you don`t need invisibility to be a stealthy so I just improved her stealth capabilities and made her abilities affect enemy behaviour. Ash is my main frame so I made sure to improve his abilities to the best of my abilities just to ask would my ideas to Ash make you play him? and what is it about my Valkyr idea you don`t like? What you said about Mag is similar to my idea on Ash`s 2nd ability, I mentioned the if you decrease duration and add more range, it will make it a better cc ability since the smoke and stun duration is not affected by mods and you can reach a decent range of 23m. With my idea you can either build for invisibility or cc which is a good benefit. 


My speculation is that the reason why some of them that are not worked on is because DE are planning to rework the warfram the aug belongs to e.g Valkyr`s 1 and Titania`s 1.


I have updated some more improvements to nightwave which I will post soon. I put that if you get a reward you don`t want (wolf armour) you have the option to choose 3 more rewards, what do you think of this idea?

Kuva lich system

Despite me giving my ideas on it, I have never played it however, from what I have seen and heard, I feel my ideas will improve it. 

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Since K-drive don`t have a use I feel like it should have a place in the conclave. Even through it won`t fix the current prob with it I feel like if this was implemented more ppl would play conclave. (including me)

Here is my idea of a racing gameplay in the conclave .

And I would like to see a gamemode that is operator based. Here is my ideas on how this would play.


Please tell me what you think.

Edited by (PS4)Vexx757
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You propose some good ideas. I don't like the banshee rework idea. Banshee is fine where she is in my opinion. On operators with melee weapons 90% damage reduction is way to high, considering focus schools+ amps, and the fact that we can go invisible. Titania, I don't like in general , because she just feels clunky and useless with her main use being for the Lua spy.

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