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Orbiters, Vault, Iron Wake, and Railjack Crew


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Not sure where this goes.

I had some ideas that I thought would be cool for a bit of lore and world interaction. Here they are...

Orbiter: I think it would be nice if we had more access to the Orbiter as well as possibly access to outside the Orbiter so we can see what it looks like other than just the landing craft.

Vault: What I'm talking about is not the prime vault but an Arsenal vault for your Orbiter to put warframes and weapons that you don't have room for in, rather than selling them all the time. You wouldn't be able to access them in the vault but you could swap things into and out of the Vault giving yourself more options rather than constantly having to sell, rebuy, and rebuild a weapon if you want to use it again because you don't have the weapon slots or the Warframe slots, and then maybe you could go down a set of stairs or something or ramp and look at your Vault, all of the things you have in your Arsenal that both you can use and you can't just to see your collection.

Iron Wake: I think it would be nice if we had a base for each faction like we do for Steel Meridian in Iron Wake, the Ostron in Cetus, and the Solarian in Fortuna. Just so we could walk around and see their base as well as maybe a vendor or 2 for the syndicate.

Railjack Crew: I think it would be cool if you could crew some npcs on your railjack that did things like help out (not as much as Tenno but still, just so you know they're there), and you could get them from each faction after finishing their questline. So Glast Gambit would give you a Perrin Sequence npc, The Silver Grove would give you a New Loka npc, Octavia's Anthem would give you a Cephalon Suda npc, The Chains of Harrow would give you a Red Veil npc and a Steel Meridian npc, Profit Taker would give you a SU npc, and Saya's Vigil would give you a Ostron npc. I also think it would be cool if reaching rank 5 in any of those factions gave you additional npcs. The npcs could also have different dialogue with you as well as each other.

What do you guys think DE?

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3 hours ago, (PS4)ShadowCortax said:

Railjack Crew

In regards of the railjack crew there is something in progress for this. The Commander intrinstics are focused on giving you NPC allies that help you out on your Railjack. It has not shipped with the mainline update due to DE wanting a focus on the co-op aspect. Currently we don;t have many details on this beyond that some of the NPCs that will help us are converted liches. It is entirely possible that they are already considering syndacite based NPCs! 

I myself do agree that it'd be great if we got a variety of different NPCs, although I don't think they should be quest bound. I think that it might better to toss them into the buyable items a syndicate offers. It'd give them some new value for old players. 

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