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Vidar MK3 Reactors...


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I finally got an mk3 Vidar Reactor and now look at those stats...

it has 1 more avionics capacity for 28 less flux.

This thing has a 2% drop rate from the Veil.

Compared to my Simga mk3 this is just garbage.

Why? Just why cant i improve this part with resources it cost more than double the sigma and has worse stats.

DE i know you want this to be longterm. But srsly you dont get satisfying longterm with random stats. If you have to use rng for this at least let us use resources to improve its performance.


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Be glad you have gotten something, all vidar reactors i've gotten so far (i've had 2 mk3 dropping for me) were +32 avionics, e.g. worse than my +47 av and +250 flux zetki or the even the sigma mk3 which I'm using most of the time. I really hope DE comes to senses and starts thinking about better ways to do these things. mk0-2 railjack wreckage is basically worse than my mk-1 braton, those who designed this system made the route to higher tiers of ship parts to QUICK and EASY. Their solution: add so much RNG that we will all quit the game before we actually get every single component where we want it.

I love the idea behind railjack. Apart from the bugs and RNGgrind I think railjack is an AWESOME piece of content with a lot of promise to come in 2020. I do however hope everybody can come to senses and NOT complain if the entire intrisics and component part of railjack gets a MAJOR overhaul to improve the overall experience of the game. By not complaining I am talking about something we can all see happening: people crying that intrinsic/component X and Y which they farmed for so long is suddenly S#&$ because DE has made a better more sensible/rewarding system to replace this horrible piece of grind with rngception. The most hated part(s) of warframe over the past years (we can trace this back to when rivens were released):  RNGG or RandomNumberGeneratorGrind.

TL;DR; Railjack general grind and mission design was rushed and is therefore poorly done. I think barely any player can say they enjoy the grind or the amount of bugs and "features almost every warframe or archwing in less than a second"

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