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action text not showing up to perform stealth kills (PS4)



would ask this in the PS4 bugs section, but there is no "ask question"/"start new thread" button...

solo playing last node on saturn (railjack) to farm intrinsics.   go to ship/base commander is on (also tried to do stealth kills in 2nd ground map in mission)

no matter what melee weapon i bring the "action text box"  never shows for stealth kills. it does not matter if i'm behind an unalerted mob, an unalerted mob i put to sleep, a alerted mob that i put to sleep....  any/everymob i put to sleep via sleep arrow, go up behind them and not box popping up to preform a stealth kill.

go to any other mission in reg starchart and have no problems sleeping mobs and doing stealth kills. go back to dojo, board my railjack, pick last node on saturn again, get into base with commander in it and once again unable to stealth kill any mobs.


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