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Do Not Submit Support Tickets/bug Reports.


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Every single time I have submitted one, I have lost something. I submitted a ticket about my furax being level 28 when they are 30:





THIS is how it was "fixed":





My prova went from 30 to 20, ether reaper 30 to 28, galatine 30 to 27, dark sword 30 to 27, ether daggers 30 to 28. Mind you, these are all 30 IN MY PROFILE


Stinger 16+ to 15 (over mod capactiy) , Saryn 30 to 17?!


So instead of fixing the issue, they went in and BROKE everything else... keep in mind:




-- A previous bug report I submitted, I had 140 shotgun ammo boxes (and 28 team heals) I then had -140 and -28. So instead of error on the side of caution I was given a random number of 37 and 1. Even though I had over 100 because I bought 100 before they went extinct, I even let them know, and I now have 101 and 1...


I just don't get it, does anyone else lose gameplay when they submit support tickets too?

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